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These are my fashion blog rants about some of the unrealistic things in the world of the fashion industry. Finding out what to wear is hard enough.

Rumor Has It Women Think They’re Over the Hill at Age 29

I could go over and over all the sucky things that happen in your 20s. I can also go over and over all the amazing things that happen in your 20s. Just like every life stage there are the goods and the bads, but that doesn’t mean we should wish, dress, or botox our way to another age. We’ve seen that road called BRAVO tv, and it’s not so pretty!

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Jon Gosselin vs. TLC, Carrie Prejean, and Megan Fox

Breaking News…

Have you ever been sitting on your couch flipping through the channels and found that there is NOTHING TO WATCH!

Reality Check

“The Fashion World” is the only place where a size 4 becomes plus size, a decision about shoes can make or break your career, and dressing in velvet leggings is socially acceptable!

Headline Makers

Halloween the day where straight men can dress gay (which usually means they look good), sophisticated women can dress like strippers, little children can dress like villians, and candy is given out free…what a great holiday?!