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Should You Wear Jenny Around the Block? Jennifer Lopez Collection from Kohl’s

Living in the same city as your mother-in-law can be taxing. Luckily for me, the only taxing part comes at the end of our shopping bill. Not sure if you’ve heard of it, but there’s a little thing known as “Christmas” currently providing us with a solid 2 month excuse to cover up our shopping frenzy. It was no different this past Friday as we landed foot in the local Kohl’s relishing in the presence of J.Lo (or her cardboard cut out) and an extra 30% off coupon. Don’t judge.

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What 10 Year Old Willow Smith Can Teach a 20 Something in Life and Fashion!

Just by hearing the name Willow Smith, ¬†automatically starts the re-run of “I Whip My Hair Back and Forth” through my head, and it won’t leave for a solid 5 hours.

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How to Smell Like a Celebrity?!

I suppose I get the fascination with celebrities. They are often styled to perfection, attend glamorous parties, and have flawless make-up and/or some really good botox! It’s like a fantasy land to most everyone else. So when seeing celebrities do “normal” things such as grocery shop, stuffing their face, or laying out on the beach it brings them back to being “human like”. It’s kind of like seeing your first grade teacher for the first time outside of school and suddenly realizing not only do they have another life but also a first name.

However, there is one thing that I cannot grasp at all! That is the fascination of wanting to smell like a celebrity as if only celebrities smell good! Maybe it’s some sort of right of passage that once you cross over into the Land of Celebrity you must let your smell be known and by this I mean… come up with a super cheesy name and a scent that resembles some sort of flower or ridiculous sexual fantasy!

An Addiction Ends….The Hills!

Okay ladies and gents, it’s official the end of an era is coming. While it started way back when in Laguna and even spun off to The City, The HILLS will be officially over Tuesday on MTV. And though I’m sure we’ve had better things to do with our time, somehow we always found ourselves watching last weeks episode, this weeks episode, and The Hills after show…leaving only a miracle if any studying or productivity actually happened on Tuesday nights.

Reality vs. Celebrity (15 Ways We’re a Little Different)

15. When real people go to jail it’s frowned upon. When celebrities go to jail it’s unfair and too harsh of a sentence.

14. Eating healthy, results in cooking something healthy. Eating healthy results in your chef cooking something healthy.

13. When people take pictures of you they’re tagged on Facebook. When people take pictures of you they’re tagged on PEOPLE.

“Don’t Pull a Heidi Montag!” Or, “3 Ways to Have a Bigger Bust.”

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Heidi Montag and her star crazed husband Spencer Pratt. Heidi recently was all over magazine covers for having had 10 plastic surgery precedures done at once, one being breast implants. So in the case of pulling another “Heidi Montag” with boobs the size of her head (look below), embrace your A or B- cup and find other ways beside going under to help ummm….up the volume?!

What’s In a Celebrity’s Closet? Which One Would You Raid?!

While many our coming out…Ricky Martin style…and others are saying too much…Jesse James styleReality Chic simply wants to know what’s in a celeb’s closet! Really…just the closet (remember… the old fashioned wardrobe).

Is Young Hollywood Looking Old?!

Being wise beyond your years is a huge compliment…dressing beyond them is NOT! If you haven’t noticed lately, the young starlets of Hollywood have been taking on a new style. Pushing the envelope is normally the way of life in fashion for a young celeb so did they push it too far, as in 4 decades too far?? Let’s just say Betty White and the rest of the Golden Girls meets young Hollywood. Ironic to say the least when everyone is obsessed with staying young and fresh.

Gaga Over Gaga

Who would of thought… Gaga isn’t Gaga after all?! Come on… if you didn’t question her antics a little you aren’t human. Anyone who wears kermit the frog draped all over them should be questioned. However, after watching Oprah this past Friday I’ve gained a whole new perspective of Gaga being Lady Gaga.

Is Miley Cyrus Bringing Back the Mom Jean?

However, what was simply looked over were her clothes! Let me describe… High-Waisted, White, Pleated Cropped Pants, cinched with a skinny belt. Miley hasn’t been the only celebrity to have been seen in these, and she probably won’t be the last.