Live from New York…

If it wasn’t obvious by my 2 hour commute on a bus filled with travelers to NYC that I’m not quite the typical commuter and/or New Yorker, let it be known now! Although obsessed with the Empire State from quite a young age, being a “real” girl originally from Indiana anything beyond corn fields can pretty much amaze me. So when asked for the opportunity to intern for a well-known company needless to say I jumped, skipped, and rode my butt into NYC!

As the fashion capital of the world, I thought  it was only appropriate to bring a bit of Reality Chic into the city.

So here are 10 Ways Reality Just Happens to Stick Out!

- Possibly the only one at 5 o’clock who changes into my Lands End tennis shoes to walk a couple blocks!

- Sparks conversation with nice foreign… ex-engineer… has 2 doctor daughters…taxi driver. (Yes I learned all of that in one taxi ride)

- Doesn’t understand why anyone else doesn’t stare out the window, we’re up 17 floors people!

- Realizes your “typical business dress code” doesn’t apply, note: me in a blazer and the lady with the faux hawk in the next cubicle.

-I can’t help but marvel at the woman or flamingo, still unsure, that crossed the road in a Pepto Bismol colored pink feathered hat and pink fur heels.

- Still believe I will see a celebrity out of the thousands of people in New York.

- Recently at noon I was attacked by men in suits everywhere looking for food. Note to self: bring lunch!

- Hit someone after jumping 5 feet from hearing an exhaust pipe from a bus…Oops!

So live from New York City….Let the adventures continue…

Small Town Girl, Big City Fashion

I grew up in a small town in Indiana of about 1,000 people. This was a place where the Town Marshal also served as our substitute teacher, the guidance counselor was my mom’s best friend, and the school nurse and I shared the same last name!

Yes, city people…places like this do exist!

You might ask, what does all this have to do with fashion? Well…it was also a place where people didn’t care if your Louis Vuitton was fake or real, dressing in odd form wasn’t fashionable– it was weird, and denim didn’t come back… it stayed! It’s these roots that make me cringe when buying something over $80 or laugh when hearing about a new/old breaking trend.  So even though the fashion world is certainly Chic, it’s by all means a  hop, skip, and big jump away from Reality!

3 Things You Never Hear a Woman Say About a Man!

There’s man cleavage and then there’s man tees both equally bad especially when done wrong (this meaning everyone, but David Beckham)! Now normally I don’t take on men’s fashion, but there are some basic essentials that I believe men need to know. Feel free to pass this info on to your significant other and/or father!

3 Things You Never Hear a Woman Say About a Man!

1. Wow…Did you see the cleavage on that guy? Sign me up!

2. His shirt really should of been tighter, and probably shorter too!

3. Look at the pleats on those khakis, and he’s hot! (same sentence)

So if you’re one of those guys that sports too tight of shirts to show off your bulging muscles, wears a v-neck that plunges a little too low, or is still wearing pleated khakis make today the day! Say No to….Too Low, Too Tight, and Too Wide!

For the Pursuit of Fashion: 5 Ways to Dress Like There’s Somewhere to Go!

By now if you’ve read my Profile or About Reality Chic section you know that I’m an unemployed marketing major who just happens to be an aspiring fashion editor/realistic fashion blogger. And if you have continued to follow me, you most certainly know not much has changed.

There for a while there were stints of pity and well…to be blunt …worthlessness. Then soon followed by my many hours of mindless t.v. and of course the morning ritual of 4 consecutive “morning shows” (which I can’t say I’m completely cured of, I just love Regis and Kelly, I mean who doesn’t?)

Graduates, 2009!

However, after realizing I’m not the only one in this so-called “pity party” thanks to me checking my twitter status at 11:30am this morning and it reading “Twitter is currently over-capacitated”.  It got me thinking (please read as if you were surprised) Hey! I’m not the only one with nothing better to do than play on Twitter at 11:30 in the morning…There’s others”!

So after a long thinking process over the past couple months and confirmed today by Twitter. I’ve decided to cheer up! After all, I believe there might be a need for some cheering up after the graduation of recent graduates…not to be Debbie Downer or anything. Because there is obviously still hope, really! This all brings me to my title:

For the Pursuit of Fashion: 5 Ways to Dress Like There’s Somewhere to Go!

Real Life

1. Make the grocery store a reason to get out of your Pajama’s and put on heels! Even though heels kill, you’ll only be wearing them for about 30 minutes so it’s pretty much worth it!

2. Shopping will soon become a need due to complete boredom. Be mindful that you don’t have a job in turn that means no moolah! So shop for apparel that is realistic and can be worn more than just once!

3. When entering back into grad school because you don’t know what else to do. Up the ante! Instead of sporting sweats with your college or high school name on it. Dress in some cropped jeans with a graphic tee!

4. Join the Red Hat’s Society! Okay..I’m kidding, but seriously buy a floppy hat or fedora for a casual event!

5. Eventually an interview will happen. Have the basic essentials ready: white button-up, pencil skirt, black pants, black dress, and closed toed heels. Then, make it happen!

So as a 2009 Graduate without a lucrative job and a briefly made appearance as a part-time retail consultant. Welcome 2010 Graduates to the world where your hopes and dreams are certainly at least partly squashed by unemployment or working with high school students! Let’s hope the economy bounces back…please….no seriously….I’m begging here!

What did we do before Facebook? (My Fashion Status)

What did we do before Facebook? No really…think about it… What did we do? Maybe we actually communicated in person rather than posting infamous status’s or maybe stalking was considered weird rather than a hobby. Either way social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and sites like have changed communicating, socializing, and fashion.

In all seriousness, now days you could have a complete social life in p.j’s along with providing for yourself without leaving your house due to the internet and social networks. However, in reality if you did this expect to be called the creeper that lives in the basement. Anyhow you might be wondering why any of this has to do with fashion… well.. it has a lot to do with it!

While Facebook has become the new papparzzi for every day people (because well.. you can’t be tagged in the same clothes more than twice) and Twitter has become a constant biography of how lame some of our lives are whether it be reporting about if eating pizza was a good choice or if this dress is okay to wear out (thanks to twitpics). It’s also great resources for style. Rather than complaining about what to wear or what’s in style find ways to refresh your wardrobe by using the oh so popular social networks! So here it is my social media guide to dressing well…stalking style…and not being tagged in the same clothes twice!

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Top 5 ( Stalking Fashion to be Stalked by Fashion)

1. Glamour’s Slaves to Fashion

2. ShopStyle

3. People Style Watch

4. WhoWhatWear

5. SmartShoppersUnite look for Reality Chic

Fashion Week (Part 2)

The runway can bring anything from a see through outfit to a lady covered in fur to a man in far too tight of pants, but it can also bring looks that guide the rest of us on what to wear in the upcoming months. After attending and looking over a couple different shows I gathered a little of what is to come in fall 2010.

Tony Cohen, a dutch designer, made a statement by sending majority of his models down the runway with long black detailed gloves. Some of his main pieces were black fur vests and drapery shirts with tight pants along with wearable accessories  such as detailed belts. This all meaning that fur is not leaving anytime soon! His clothes were by far a realistic and easy wear!

Tony Cohen

I would consider Custo Barcelona’s runway collection to be what someone might think of when looking at a typical runway clothing scenerio. Most of which you could never wear and or would never know where to wear. However, a couple different pieces caught my eye. He really played with bright colors, colored fur, and patterns on suits (for menswear). Definitely unusual when you think about fall and it’s normal colors.

While Moncler Grenoble will never be in my future due to the outrageous prices, it was one of the most fascinating fashion exhibits!! Rather than having a typical runway it was instead held at The Golf Club at Chelsea Piers over looking the Hudson where somehow they persuaded 100 models to stand out on a scaffold during an absolute freezing night. The models were covered head to toe in (what I would consider) glamorous puffy ski wear. All I have to say is props to the models for freezing their butt off and not even being noticed for doing it.



Marc Jacobs’ fall collection was reminscent of romance and the back to basics image. He not only nailed this image on the head but represents purely what the runway should be all about! After looking through this collection you want to buy almost every piece and wish for fall to arrive. Although his line is rather high priced it is still great inspiration on what styles to wear for those of us who are lacking in the price department.

Last but not least I couldn’t go to the runway without bringing back a trend alert! Socks with sandals?? While this look isn’t as bad as it sounds, with the right thin socks and a pair of mary janes it actually can be a sophisticated look. However, this look can run the fine line of grandpa meets birkenstocks or a total fool! Don’t wear socks with gladiators or sandals unless you’re attempting to look 3 times your age. This same rule applies to sport socks. Thick blister preventer socks should not be worn with any nice shoe, strictly only with athletic ones!

Marc Jacobs

Leave the Past Behind

There are certain fashion items that should be locked in the vault and never allowed to come back out! Clearly we all had a good time in the ’80s and ’90s; however, let’s not try to recreate them. I understand that styles often try to make a come back, but for the sake of us all looking back and thinking we were once cool and actually in style, let’s just leave the past in the past, people!

Items that should never return or be caught in your closet: hammer-time pants (maybe the song was hip for a quick second but it’s one item we definitely don’t need to see), little sun glasses (colored glasses only covering your eyeball isn’t helping out your eyes or your style), leggings (leggings are great but leggings are called leggings for a reason. They are not to be worn as pants.), knee-length skorts or culottes (do i need to explain?), and leotard onesies/body suit (uncomfortable, tight-fitting, and have you tried to go to the bathroom with one of those things on? Not so glamorous.)

If you have any of these items, this is a perfect opportunity to break free of the glory days also known as your past, and look to the future! You also may want to reconsider letting your bangs grow out. Don’t be discouraged!

There are 5 quick, comfortable outfits that can replace all of your previous ones. Hammer- time pants can easily be replaced with the new boyfriend jean. They are comfortable and will bring you back to the future in a flash. There are multiple inexpensive stores that will replace little sunglasses with a style that actually might fit your eye! Check out ALDO, mall kiosks, and almost any department store to find medium to large size bargain glasses! Leggings can still be worn when paired with a long shirt or skirts. For a more updated classic look stick with the colors black and brown. Skorts and culottes must be thrown away! This does not mean give them away (just because you’re not wearing them doesn’t mean someone else should). Replace this look with a mid-length capri or a long jean short. It will allow you to be modest while keeping your look new and fresh. The leotard onesie/body suit should be substituted for a long fitted top.

Needless to say, the only thing that should be fitted in your pants… is your underwear! All of these looks that I just provided you with are reasonably priced at any department store, and it can update your look in a heartbeat. So please do me a favor… Stop reading this and GO SHOP!

~Consulted with Michella Marino~


If you read my profile you know I have a thing for fashion, I suppose you could say it’s my passion but then if I say fashion is my passion who really would take me seriously. So lets just say I have a thing for it; anyhow, that brings me to my first of many blogging topics: FASHION…WHO REALLY WEARS THAT?

Have you ever watched an award show or even saw clips of the runway and thought hmm…i think I should wear that, in fact maybe I’ll wear that to the next college football game or maybe out to Olive Garden? Answer is probably not!  You’re probably thinking who really wears that and where do they wear that to? That is the mystery of the fashion world that might never be answered.   Fashion may exist on the runway or in an award show but it mainly exist in what every day people are wearing to everyday occurences.

Fashion tip of the day:  Style on a Budget! A lot of people try to stay within the trends of what the stars are wearing or might just be trying to keep up with the Jones’s; however, lets face it today’s economy isn’t exactly helping.  So, you might ask how can I style on a budget?  Simple. Take 4 highly available stores for example: Target, Wal-Mart,Payless and Gap.  Let’s say you’re wanting a cute outfit for a date or even just to meet up with some old high school friends, get excited because I’m going to solve your problem!

First you need an affordable and classic jean:   GAP has basically any jean style you need with most sizes available. Plus, they have the holy grail of jean sizes LONG and X-LONG TALL!Wahoo!! Price=Avg$60…yes this is more pricey, but remember this is also your main purchase. Second, if you are one of those people who are too embarrassed to shop at Wal-mart or Target for clothes I would love to tell you to suck it up…it’s just another store, but you can shop online as well if you must! At Wal-Mart you should buy a razor back fitted at bottom black tee that runs at  $4.00, you can’t beat it! Third, Target has great short and long sleeve cardigans that are awesome for a fall look to go over the razor back tee, they run around $12.00-$20.00. Last but not least, you need a great boot to complete this fab fall look on a budget.  Payless to the rescue…a great flat boot is what you’ll get and they run at $29.00 which is almost an unreal price when shopping for boots! So there ya have it a whole outfit for around $100.  It might not be made by a high end designer, but then again you can actually wear your clothes off the runway!