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Live from New York…

If it wasn’t obvious by my 2 hour commute on a bus filled with travelers to NYC that I’m not quite the typical commuter and/or New Yorker, let it be known now! Although obsessed with the Empire State from quite a young age, being a “real” girl originally from Indiana anything beyond corn fields can pretty much amaze me. So when asked for the opportunity to intern for a well-known company needless to say I jumped, skipped, and rode my butt into NYC!

As the fashion capital of the world, I thought  it was only appropriate to bring a bit of Reality Chic into the city.

So here are 10 Ways Reality Just Happens to Stick Out!

Small Town Girl, Big City Fashion

I grew up in a small town in Indiana of about 1000 people. This was a place where the Town Marshal also served as our substitute teacher, the guidance counselor was my mom’s close friend, and the school nurse and I shared the same last name!

Yes city people…places like this do exist!
You might ask, what does all this have to do with fashion? Well…

3 Things You Never Hear a Woman Say About a Man!

There’s man cleavage and then there’s man tees both equally bad especially when done wrong (this meaning everyone, but David Beckham)! Now normally I don’t take on men’s fashion, but there are some basic essentials that I believe men just might need to know. Feel free to pass this info on to your significant other and/or father!

3 Things You Never Hear a Woman Say About a Man!

For the Pursuit of Fashion: 5 Ways to Dress Like There’s Somewhere to Go!

By now if you’ve read my Profile or About Reality Chic section you know that I’m an unemployed marketing major who just happens to be an aspiring stylist/realistic fashion blogger. And if you have continued to follow me, you most certainly know not much has changed. There for a while there were stints of pity and well…to be blunt …worthlessness. Then soon followed by my many hours of mindless t.v. and of course the morning ritual of 4 consecutive “morning shows” (which I can’t say I’m completely cured of, I just love Regis and Kelly..I mean who doesn’t?)

Graduates, 2009!

However, after realizing I’m not the only one in this so-called “pity party” thanks to me checking my twitter status at 11:30 this morning and it reading “Twitter is currently over-capacitated”.  It got me thinking….(please read as if you were surprised) HEY! I’m not the only one with nothing better to do than play on Twitter at 11:30 in the morning…THERE’S OTHERS”! So after a long thinking process over the past couple months and confirmed today by Twitter. I’ve decided to cheer up! After all I believe there might be a need for some cheering up after the graduation of recent May of 2010 graduates…not to be Debbie Downer or anything. Because there is obviously still hope…really! This all brings me to my title:

For the Pursuit of Fashion: 5 Ways to Dress Like There’s Somewhere to Go!

What did we do before Facebook? (My Fashion Status)

What did we do before Facebook? No really…think about it… What did we do? Maybe we actually communicated in person rather than posting infamous status’s or maybe stalking was considered weird rather than a hobby. Either way social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and sites like have changed communicating, socializing, and fashion.

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Fashion Week (Part 2)

The runway can bring anything from a see through outfit to a lady covered in fur to a man in far to tight of pants, but it can also bring looks that guide the rest of us on what to wear in the upcoming months. After attending and looking over a couple different shows I gathered a little of what is to come in fall 2010.

Leave the Past Behind

If you have any of these items this is a perfect opportunity to break free of the glory days also known as your past and look to the future! You also may want to reconsider letting your bangs grow out. Don’t be discouraged!


Have you ever watched an award show or even saw clips of the runway and thought hmm…i think I should wear that, in fact maybe I’ll wear that to the next college football game or maybe out to Olive Garden? Answer is probably not!