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I recommend these top fashion brands for getting a complete 20 something wardrobe. Brands from H&M, Lauren Conrad for Kohls, Lulus, and Modcloth!

Old Navy and TerraCycle Celebrate Earth Day with Flip Flops?!

Earth Day is here, and unlike a majority of American holidays it’s not one where we’re showered with Hallmark greeting cards, excessive candy, or presents. Though if you’re feeling in the holiday spirit I’d be more than happy to receive any of the previously stated!

Recently, I got an e-mail discussing Old Navy & TerraCycle’s team up for Earth Day that sparked my interest!

Keds Shoes Are Touring Like Rock Stars or Justin Bieber!

Once I heard about Keds new little adventure around the U.S. I knew a post was about to brew. (Like a magical blogger pot that needs to be stirred.)

I’ve always thought Keds were cool, even if my peers in high school or Skechers begged to differ. They can be stylishly worn with almost anything! Yet, they’re still comfortably chic. Their new lines feature eco-friendly shoes, canvas shoes, and design your own shoes!

“Why I’d Like to Punch Victoria and Steal Her Secret.” Or, “Victoria’s Secret Must Haves.”

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a sucker for Victoria’s Secret swimsuits, bras, and pretty much anything else, but that doesn’t discount the fact that punching Victoria and stealing her secret wouldn’t bring me some delight.

Calling All Fashion Nerds! 3 Sites You’ll Love!

Each one of these online shopping sites will help in finding your personal style and pieces that actually fit into your wardrobe. It’s great for personal use, but ideal for this years holiday shopping!! When your best friend checks the tag of your Marc Jacobs shirt or wonders how you were able to afford 2 pairs of 7 for All Mankind jeans when she knows your salary can’t, you can make a decision.

ShopNBC or Go Home. Actually Do Both!

Why is jewelry one of the greatest things in life?! Well, you never hear anyone saying, “I need to lose a few pounds so I can squeeze into that necklace,” it doesn’t shrink (that I know of), it’s one hand-me-down that actually could be worth something, and it might be the only piece of gold you ever own outside of that tooth filling you had done last year.

One of my favorite things about jewelry is buying pieces that are unique. Anyone can have a pretty necklace with a dangling diamond heart at the bottom, and if you’re a woman, it’s likely you already own one from an ex boyfriend you’d like to forget.  Not to degrade the classic heart, but it’s probably time to give in and replace it with something new. So that brings me to this amazing jewelry site I recently discovered called ShopNBC. Not only do they have many options, but they have something that most sites don’t: the Far East Market!

Tucker for Target…Mix, Match, Dance!

Tucker for Target by Gaby Basora is so far my favorite designer spotlight! If it wasn’t for the flowy tops and the bold bohemian style patterns, it’s for the mere fact of not having to walk up and down the stairs to grab a giant cardboard box marked WINTER or SUMMER. Her clothes are simply…. SEASONLESS! So test them out (you can afford to), stock up before they’re gone (did I mention Oct. 17th), and then throw yourself a party and DANCE!

5 Ways to Wear Tucker for Target

Holy Moly… J.Crew Outlet Is Going Online!

As an extreme J.Crew fan with an ATM card that holds only enough for J.Crew Factory I believe a little gift from the heavens has certainly been sent down! I feel it is my pure duty to shop at an outlet anytime one is found, whether it be on vacation or a weekend trip, due to the fact J.Crew Factory will be there awaiting my likely purchase of a cardigan and the handling of a shiny debit card.

Without driving 45 minutes to find your nearest J.Crew Outlet or holding out for that one vacation with that one giant outlet store, it will be in the palm of your computer illiterate hands just a few ENTER’s and SCROLL’s away!

Kmart Jumps, Sits, and Scoots on the Bandwagon

Did Kmart get bitten by Vogue?

Well, not exactly but they did hire Alexi Lubomirski to photograph an ad campaign that will pop up in the pages of the beloved September Issue of Vogue .

“Kmart in Vogue…  What has this world come to?”

It looks like fashion with an affordable price tag shouting: REALISM!

What in the World is Going On?? Designers for Diapers!

Okay designers and parents…“this” is getting out of hand!!!!  If you don’t know what “this” is please let me explain….

It all started with Huggies Jean Diapers, okay so they’re cute you might say, but then we have designer Cynthia Rowley for Pampers by Target and we’re not done yet. Next we have Fendi, yep the one that’s mentioned in Sex and the City for high end designer lines, who will have a childrens line out for newborns on up to 12 years old.

Because naturally all newborns need designer labels!!!! Right?!

A Fashion Statement Worth Making (3 brands not to over look)

One part of living in reality is knowing there is life outside of Project Runway, Twitter, and The Situation’s fist pumping. However, sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start, what to do, or who to help. Unlike A-list celebs, jumping on a jet plane and heading to Africa isn’t all that realistic and isn’t exactly realistic for our budgets. So think of this as a place to start, a way to be fashion worthy, and a cause beyond just a “fashion statement”!

3 brands that are worth looking good for:

Toms Shoes

What is Toms?

Not only is Toms a great company with a unique fashionable shoe, but they help children receive shoes throughout the world through their One for One movement.

How can you get involved?

It’s simple! Every pair of shoes that you buy, a pair goes to a child in need. Want to help out even more? Share the Toms story or host your own Style Your Sole party. You can help make a difference with Toms. As of September 2010, Toms has donated over one million pairs of shoes to children in need around the globe.

m.powerment by Mark

What is Mark?

Mark is a make-up/fashion line through the well-known company Avon. M.powerment by Mark is a philanthropic initiative to end partner abuse (highest between ages 16-24). 100% of the proceeds of the “have a heart” necklace will go to Mark’s m.powerment an Avon Foundation.

How can you get involved?

Currently you can choose from 4 products that range from lip gloss to necklaces that 100% of the proceeds will go toward ending partner violence. Spread the word, help educate young women, and get involved through other foundations like m.powerment to stop partner violence.


What is OBEY?

OBEY is a clothing site that specializes in unique art like and graphic t-shirts along with creating OBEY Awareness through important causes.

How can you get involved?

By purchasing OBEY t-shirts in collaboration with Feeding America, Surfrider, and Haiti OBEY will donate 100% of proceeds to the cause.

How to Wear it!