And The Oscar Goes To…. Angelina Jolie’s Right Leg!

There’s a lot of things to notice at the Oscars, the fancy dresses, the shiny gold statues, George Clooney,  etc…, but last night there was one thing (or body part) that stood out far more than most, Angelina Jolie’s right leg. It could be compared in popularity to the leg lamp from The Christmas Story and the swan dress worn a few years back. After some seriously hard-core posing (in every photo), her right leg stretched out between the long fitted black Versace high slit gown.

It was taken to a whole new level when Angelina awkwardly posed on stage while presenting an award (photo below). Is it possible her leg was jealous of Pippa’s butt and thought it was time for a new body part to take the scene? If so, the plan clearly worked.

Don’t fret kids! You can now follow Angelina’s right leg on twitter @AngiesRightLeg with over 12,247 followers. While her leg is kicking butt (no pun intended, alright so maybe a lit’) it hasn’t yet beat out Pippa’s A** Appreciation Facebook Page at a whopping 243, 322 fans. Did I mention our society is slightly sick? That being said, let us all reminisce in the voice of the Honey Badger on behalf of Angie’s right leg… “Angie don’t care. Angie’s leg don’t give a sh*t.”

In other more predictable fashion news Octavia Spencer won Best Supporting Actress while looking absolutely breathtaking in Tadashi Shoji, whom I had the pleasure of meeting last year during New York Fashion Week.

In a world of size zero’s, two’s,  J.Lo nip slips, and what have you… size doesn’t matter, especially when you dress like this!

I think every girl likes to tell themselves that they could look just as good, if not better than a celebrity if they too had a hairstylist, a personal trainer, and a cook at their beck and call. Until that moment comes, there’s nothing quite like watching flawlessly made over celebrities celebrate their achievements while sitting on your couch eating tacos in sweats (wish I could make this stuff up).

Now that you are fully aware of what I did last night, tell us how you watched the Oscars, and which celeb dress was your favorite?!

Is Angie’s leg kicking Pippa’s butt… which do you vote for?

Occupy Fashion Week… And Be the 1%! How Fashion Bloggers Can Get Into New York Fashion Week! (We’ve Got the Step by Step Details.)

Having come from the Midwest, it’s not uncommon to hear people talk about fashion week as if it’s one of those far-fetched dreams none of us will ever be able to achieve. The truth is if you’re a blogger, it’s not all that difficult. I’m here to break the rumor that only New Yorker’s with money, fashion editors like Anna Wintour, or socialites of Olivia Palermo status can get in.

I remember hearing Kelly Cutrone say in an episode of The City (yep, I watched) that it’s not worth going to fashion week unless you’re sitting in the front row. That might be one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard. Now granted, maybe if you’re a celebrity it could hurt career if you’re caught standing back with the pack of normal people, but if you’re a normal person standing with other normal people it isn’t going to kill you or your career. In fact, it will help it.

Bloggers Sitting Front Row at Herve Leger by Max Azria


I’m not a fashion blogger that’s going to tell you how to blog your way to the front row. That takes time, effort, publicity, and a heck of a lot of clout. That being said, I can give you specific steps to take matters into your own hands and attend something only a few people get to go to in their lifetime, on a regular basis (as regular as two weeks out of the year can be). Consider this post your fashion week pamphlet and me as your fashion blogging tour guide. Now, if you could please watch your step and locate the nearest emergency exit… Who’s up for the ride?!

For more, read all about my journey from “Fashion Week on a Budget” to “Occupy Fashion Week… What the 1% Wears.”

10 Steps on How Fashion Bloggers Can Get Into Fashion Week 

1. Write a Post about Fashion Week (even if you’re just watching it on YouTube)

    • If you want to attend fashion week you need to look like you care about attending and covering fashion week. There are many ways to cover fashion week without being there in “real life”. You can now watch the live shows on YouTube, discuss the new fashion trends specifically from the designers who showed, or street style from the realway rather than the runway. There are a million creative ways to cover New York Fashion Week without having to actually be in New York.


2. Apply & Get Approved

    • Go to about 3 months before hand. In fact, they should have a date posted letting you know when applications begin. Just know ahead of time it’s approximately 3 months before fashion week begins.
    • To get approved you must pay $80 (only charged if approved).
    • You must fill in at least 2 pieces of your previous work (posts). Your best shot is to have your work relate to previous fashion week coverage.
    • You must fill out your affiliation with the press such as your blog & blog address.

3. Receive the List of Designers

    • After being approved, you will receive an e-mail letting you know when Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week will release a list of the correct contacts and their info of the PR firms representing the designers showing at fashion week.
    • Don’t wait until you get this list to craft your e-mail. Have it ready so that the day you receive the list you can send it out.

4. Craft & Send an E-mail to PR Firms

    • On the day that Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week sends out the list of PR contacts, start sending out your e-mails.  Make each one somewhat personal with the core of the e-mail staying the same.

5. Receive Invites & RSVP

    • Join FashionGPS. This is how most PR firms will conduct their invites and their RSVP’s.
    • Once you receive your invites, RSVP immediately.
    • Print out your invitations with barcodes on them or organize them on your smart phone for when you check in at fashion week. Trust me, it will make things a lot easier!

6. Get Your Press Pass

    • Congratulations you made it! Now, once you get to New York Fashion Week you will need to get your press credentials. In order to do this, you must go to the “Press Trailer” normally located across the street from where ever fashion week is currently held.
    • Do not lose this! It’s your key for the week.


7. I’m In, Now What?

    • Once you get into fashion week there will be a couple different kiosk scanner centers. These are where you can scan your press credentials to print out your tickets for the different shows you’re scheduled for on that particular day. Sometimes the scanners don’t work which is why it’s important to have your RSVP e-mails organized or printed out with barcodes included so that you can scan those directly if all else fails.
    • If worst comes to worst and you didn’t get in to a show you were dying to see. You can stand in line (photo below) to see if there is any extra standing room. Often times, they will give you a standing room only ticket.

fashion week 2012 750

8. Standing, Priority Standing, Seating Assignments

    • Your “seating assignment” may not actually be a seat. If that makes any sense at all? If you received an e-mail with an invitation saying you have a seat assignment it means you’re guaranteed to get into the show, but this doesn’t mean you physically have a seat. It’s likely if you’re not “well-known” or are not an editor etc… you’ll have standing or priority standing.
    • Standing: This means you have last priority for this particular show. They will seat in this particular order:   the people with seat assignments then priority standing then standing. Don’t let this discourage you. You’ll still have a great view (honestly, it’s better for photos).
    • Priority Standing: This means your importance level is somewhere between seating assignment and standing. You’ll get priority when it comes to a prime spot behind the people who have seats. Another prime location for photos.
    • Seating: You are admitted anytime once they begin seating and have a specific seat assignment for the show. The perk, some designers will leave gift bags for you on your seat. However, be sure not to show up too late. Otherwise, your seat will be filled in by those who are standing.

9. How to Get a Seat

    • One of the tricks of the trade is to pay attention to open seats. The girls working the show will only wait so long before they are told to start filling the empty seats (from people who didn’t show up). This is your opportunity to get as close to the rich & famous as possible, not to mention the opportunity to see the amazing detail of the designers runway clothes. Pay attention to the girls working and let them know how many people are with you so that if they see 1 or 2 seats open they’ll look to you to fill it.
    • Score!

Second Row at Zang Toi, Third Row at Falguni & Shane, & 5th Row at Reem Acra



10. What to Expect

    • Expect Paparazzi/Photographers to take photos of you walking into Lincoln Center or where ever fashion week is held. They are looking for street style, detailed accessories that fit a story, or the most ridiculous outfits. Want to get noticed? Wear something utterly outlandish and I can guarantee you’ll have your photo taken.

fashion week 2012 683

    • Chaos. The crowds for the morning shows are normally pretty calm, but by the time night comes around expect the lobby to be packed with people. It’s like a mini Times Square only less foreign people with tennis shoes and more style.
    • Celebrities, socialites, & everything in between! You are going to see celebrities, so don’t stalk them. Get used to it, grab a quick photo, and move on. Don’t be a creepster, period.

fashion week 2012 788

fashion week 2012 069

    • The runway show itself only lasts around 15 minutes, but prepare yourself for some serious standing. You will start lining up an hour before hand. For example: if a show starts at 2pm expect to start lining up at 1:30pm and not getting into the tent until 2:30pm.
    • The Box, Studio, Theatre, Stage: these are the names of the different tents where the shows are held.
    • The Box is a presentation only show. You can go in anytime throughout the entire hour. Models will be standing in their outfits, and you can walk around and take photos of them. It’s not a runway show.

fashion week 2012 779

        • The Studio is a runway show, but it’s a smaller tent with only around 6 rows or so.



        • The Theatre is a runway show and it is the biggest stage of all of them.


        • The Stage is a runway show and it’s the second largest of all of them.


Check back tomorrow for a full post discussing what fashion trends to watch for this season!

Meet ProFASHIONal: Carley Roney, Co-founder and Chief Content Officer of XO Group Inc., Formerly The

Name: Carley Roney

 Job:  Co-founder and Chief Content Officer XO Group Inc., Formerly The Knot Inc.

Age: 43

Industry:  Communications

Twitter or Facebook: @carleyroney


I’ve had a bit of a girl crush on Carley Roney for some time now. So when Jessica Kleiman recommended her as a proFASHIONal, it’s possible I squealed a bit. (Wish I could say I was lying about that last part.) I watched her on The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, wedding segments on The View, and have read multiple articles about her and her husband’s venture. Not that my husband and I can relate or anything or… can we?

If you haven’t heard of her name I guarantee you’ve heard of one if not more of her websites such as The Knot, The Nest, The Bump, and now many more. I believe I became a bit obsessed with The Knot, just like any other bride, when I got engaged. Bridesmaid dresses, flowers, and invitations oh my! If you’re in the mood to have a good chuckle and/or do some extra procrastinating at work feel free to check out my old wedding website I made with The Knot here. I’ve apparently been married for 971 days.

I do realize that my geek level might out shine some of my more fashionable posts, but I suppose if you’ve gotten this far in the article you’re not holding that against me. While it’s a huge honor to interview Carley, I’m thrilled to be able to share her entrepreneurial story of how her and her husband had one idea that went from internet startup to a publicly traded company, a 15 year overnight success. Enjoy…

ProFASHIONal: Carley Roney – in black


Reality Chic – in pink


How did you first start in the media/wedding industry?

When I got engaged in 1993, my now-husband (and business partner) and I were excited like any other couple, but quickly realized the resources available at the time couldn’t help us. I was working 70 hours a week and no vendors were open when I finally could sit down and plan after 7 p.m. There were no etiquette tips for modern couples. I couldn’t find any ideas on how to plan a wedding for a little blonde girl marrying a 6 ft. tall Chinese guy! We were also planning and paying for the wedding ourselves and couldn’t find any tips on how to do this.


With the realization that the world of weddings was outdated, cluttered and chaotic, I and three other partners formed The Knot Inc. (now known as XO Group Inc.) in 1996 to help today’s brides and grooms (and their families and guests) plan the weddings of their dreams – whether it’s a country club-chic wedding or a tropical destination wedding.


What made you and your husband decide that an online site discussing the ins and outs of real wedding planning would work, especially with other bridal magazines in the market?

The bridal world was outdated, cluttered and chaotic. Bridal magazines hadn’t changed in 20 years and weren’t in touch with modern brides. We decided that launching a website was the best way to reach our target audience of young brides and grooms. They were first to adopt the internet, had a lot of money to spend in a short period of time and were desperate for information and to communicate with lots of people at once.


How did you decide to take the leap and go full-time as an entrepreneur?

When we started The Knot, we were looking for ways out of the work for hire world, plus we were out of work—our only option was to jump in with both feet. Failure was not an option; it was about survival for us back then.


What were some of your first steps you took at the beginning to organize The Knot?

When we first started, we launched on AOL as keyword Weddings and from there everything just took off.  As the internet changed and evolved, so did we, and a year after our initial launch through AOL, we formally launched our own site,


Was your plan always to grow into a lifestyle brand with The Nest & The Bump or did it come naturally?

It came naturally. We made it a habit from the beginning to listen to our community. In 2004 so many of our brides were coming back to the site to talk to each other that we created four message boards dedicated to newly married life, and the traffic exploded. That’s when we knew we needed to create another brand for life beyond the wedding, so was born in 2005. Once was live, we noticed that one of the hot topics was baby on the brain and we launched


Do you have any technical advice or tricks of the trade for bloggers or entrepreneurs on how to grow their online site?

Do your research, but at the end of the day-go with your gut! Believe in yourself and make it work. Be willing to make sacrifices. It will come in the form of free time, money, your social life and friends. Once you have your feet on solid ground, you can regain some. Be passionate about what you do: it is a pleasure to work for yourself and not everyone is so fortunate. Take pride in it and enjoy it. Lastly, don’t be prideful: you will have some humbling moments (speaking to 4 people on a rainy Saturday in a basement of the hotel), but don’t be ‘too good for’ anything when you are getting started… and even when you’ve made it.


What advice do you have when trying to form partnerships with advertisers especially at the beginning of a startup?

It’s not always going to be easy. In the beginning for us initial advertisers were hard to come by. Each one took hard work and effort and you have to be willing to put in the work, make cold calls, get shot down repeatedly and be willing to get up and do it all again until something starts to stick.


How did you get The Knot to stand out and be noticed among brides at the beginning?

I believe it’s our fresh, real life voice. We’ve always striven to communicate with our users like we’re their best girlfriend giving them advice. So many women today turn to their friends for advice; we are their ultimate, knowledgeable best friend who will tell you how it really is.


I’m sure back in the day you were asked this question constantly, but at the beginning how did you make revenue off of an online website before it was well-known in the industry?

We didn’t rely on it at first, actually. We were lucky to have some startup financing and leveraged the brand in more traditional media platforms like books to gain recognition.


What’s your opinion of the changing media industry, and do you think bloggers are influencing it at all?

We love bloggers at The Knot. I think that the more passionate people there are out there, the better our industry as a whole stays afloat.


What are some of the tasks you love or hate to do as the Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of XO Group?

My favorite parts:

  • Knowing that we actually help people and make their lives easier. Seeing the responses from our audience is touching. And knowing that we have provided friendships and a community for so many.
  • Going Public! It was definitely a milestone and huge feeling of accomplishment beyond most’s wildest dreams.
  • Seeing all of the wonderful, intelligent people that work for us. It is a great sense of achievement to see how excited our employees are about what we do.

This isn’t what I hate, but what I find/found the most challenging:

  • The world of weddings that we entered was non-established and we had to pave the roads. We really had to go with our gut instincts.
  • The wedding industry was entrenched/dated/old-fashioned. It was easy to get the brides on our side, but the money and initial advertisers were hard to come by. Each one took hard work and effort.
  • Being married to my cofounder. Having a marriage and a joint business is all about finding a balance.  While the company means so much, you must make time for your marriage. It took us about 7 years to do that—and finally start vacationing.


What are some of the skills you’d recommend learning for 20 somethings interested in one day starting their own company?

The same as that for those starting an online business:

  • Do your research, but at the end of the day-go with your gut! Believe in yourself and make it work.
  • Be willing to make sacrifices. It will come in the form of free time, money, your social life, and friends. Once you have your feet on solid ground, you can regain some.
  • Clear-cut roles: divide and conquer. You must be willing to let go and trust your partner. You can’t do everything, and certainly won’t be efficient or effective if you do.
  • Enjoy what you do: it is a pleasure to work for yourself, and not everyone is so fortunate. Take pride in it.
  • Don’t be prideful: you will have some humbling moments (speaking to 4 people on a rainy Saturday in a basement of the hotel), but don’t be ‘too good for’ anything when you are getting started.


Do you have any advice for 20 somethings who would love to one day work in the XO Group?

For us, the most important thing we look for in employees is personality and passion. So if you have the passion for what you do, we’ll recognize it and help you grow it.


Why do you think niche networks and social commerce sites are becoming more popular, and what do you think their role will be in the future?

I think people really like to keep in touch with others they already know on the larger social networks, but when you’re shopping or when you’re in a particular niche moment, like wedding planning, you want to communicate with people who have had or are having the same experiences as you. That’s why these types of sites are great, you can get real advice and opinion from people going through the same experience as you.


After working in the wedding industry for many years what’s the best advice you’ve heard when it comes to choosing the “perfect” wedding gown?

When choosing your gown, the absolutely most important thing is to not worry about the current trends, but to find something you feel is uniquely you. You have to wear it on the big day, so you should love it and feel comfortable in it.


Last but not least, are there any new projects you’re currently working on that you’d like to share?

We just launched a new app The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner. What I love about it is that within the app, we’ve combined all of the most popular interactive tools that brides on love and use. We’ve packaged the tools to sync from the website to the iPhone and iPad, so they can have everything while on-the-go. Couples can create and update their wedding to-do list, track wedding budget expenses, browse thousands of wedding dresses and bookmark inspirational photos of cakes, wedding décor and more. Today’s engaged couple is busier than ever so this app offers them the flexibility and ease of wedding planning tools that are available, and fully synched, on the web or on mobile devices.

Next Tuesday meet proFASHIONal: Wendy, President/Owner of  Double W Public Relations 

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Startup Weekend, Entrepreneurship, & A New Fashion Democracy – Righting Style! Go Ahead… Start Exposing Yourself

The dictionary’s definition of an entrepreneur is: a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.

(In other words, we think we can fly hot air balloons across the country.)


What this definition fails to mention is the fact that entrepreneurship is more than managing an enterprise and facing a risk, but that it’s a full on diagnosable disease. At times, it needs to be treated, but there’s no cure. It’s contagious, but people continue to exchange business cards, and if there ever was a definition for bipolar, a startup hoodied, head-phoned eared 20 something’s photo would be smack dab next to it in complete Merriam-Webster style.  

Wondering if you’ve caught it yet? No worries, here’s a list of some of the systems which could include:

  • Extreme highs (superb meetings, kick a** e-mails, extra funding)
  • Really low lows (sucky meetings, depressing e-mails, lack of funding)
  • Weeks of socialization (meet-ups, conferences, travel)
  • Followed by weeks of complete solitude (coding, financials, coding, turkey sandwiches)
  • Stress over location (New York, no…wait Silicon Vally, no wait…Cincinnati?)

Sound appealing? Did I mention it’s contagious…

Since I’m currently experiencing one of those so-called “highs” after our idea was chosen as one of the winners at Startup Weekend in Northern Kentucky outside of Cincinnati. And no, Ashton Kutcher was not the judge though I did carry my Nikon 1… close enough, right? I thought it was only appropriate to share and finally announce what the heck I’ve been doing behind the scenes via Reality Chic since, well… July.

(Griffin Hall, Northern Kentucky University & the Giant Screen!)


(Startup Boxes)

startup weekend5

(Prepping for my pitch)

startupweekend 2 

Along with two other Irish (alright, so we’re related) co-founders, I have been working on launching a fashion democracy startup called Righting Style!

Righting Style image

Righting Style is an online fashion democracy developed to connect brands with influential and relevant bloggers while helping bloggers expose their content and maintain their integrity.

Think of us as the Klout for content.Whereas Klout measures the overall influence of a person, we measure the overall influence of a post.

Posts are written, the community “votes” for & shares the best content, then the results dictate who is rewarded as a trending fashion leader.

With top content chosen by the community, Righting Style encourages everyone to “Expose Yourself”.  


Wondering why the heck I would try and create such a thing?? Well… after starting my own fashion blog, I found a few loyal readers, better known as my sister and mom.

Sister & Mom

I struggled increasing my readership, meeting other bloggers in my local region, and staying a motivated fashion blogger. Now that I’ve grown my readership, I see the constant struggle PR firms and brands have when it comes to connecting with bloggers in a successful manner.

Need some more details… E-mail me: or Tweet me: @realitychicblog

Excited to announce that our landing page is officially up!

And if you feel like “exposing yourself” (in a non creepy sort of way) sign up at Righting Style, follow us on twitter, our blog, or facebook.

Meet ProFASHIONal: Jessica Quirk, Personal Style Blogger & Creator of the Fashion Blog, What I Wore

Name: Jessica Quirk

 Job: Blogger/Author

Age: 28

Industry: Fashion / Social Media

Twitter or Facebook: @WhatIWore ;

To Buy Her Book:

Nowadays when someone states that they are a blogger, people no longer think of the creepy and/or non-showered 28 year old sleeping in the basement of his or her parents’ home. Instead many think of a put together, of course showered, stylish 28 year old with savvy social media skills. This just so happens to be the exact description of Jessica Quirk. You might know her as Personal Style Blogger from What I Wore, but to me she’s a fellow Hoosier who also knows a thing or two about Indiana cornfields, weather, and fashion.

Jessica has mastered the profession of fashion blogging, added author under her title, and has been seen in everything from the New York Post to Marie Claire to The Wall Street Journal. If you’re a fellow fashion blogger wondering how in the world to turn your creative thoughts (a.k.a your blog) into a business or just a fan of Jessica’s impeccable style, look no further. From one blogging Hoosier to another, this Indiana girl sheds some light on what it’s really like to be a fashion blogger, how to monetize it, and what makes it successful. Introducing Jessica Quirk from What I Wore…


ProFASHIONal: Jessica Quirk – in black


Reality Chic – in pink

From one blogging Hoosier to another…

How and why did you first start blogging?

I just fell into it.  My friends were all blogging and I wanted to try it out. It wasn’t until a few years later that I started What I Wore after seeing other gals post photos of their outfits online.

At what point did you realize you could make a living out of blogging? 

I just tried it out! I made a business plan, outlined my goals, and approached clients. I still had a day job, and I didn’t leave that position until I knew What I Wore had a chance to survive on its own.

I’ve read that you now call your blog half business/half blog, what are some of the business aspects we might not expect a fashion blogger to do?

There’s a lot more to running a full time blog than window shopping and posing for photos! I spend most of my time interacting with readers and clients either negotiating relationships, answering questions, or pitching new ideas.

I’m sure you get asked this question all the time, but how do you monetize your blog to keep it a float as a business?

I run traditional banner ads in addition to integrated content and brand partnerships.

Was your plan always to post photos of yourself wearing outfits or did it just happen?

I started taking daily outfit photos and uploading them to a flickr group called ‘wardrobe_remix’… and I never intended to start a blog about it. I was using blogging as a personal and social tool, and I eventually decided to focus on the fashion side of my life.

Do you have any technical advice or tricks of the trade for bloggers or entrepreneurs on how to grow their online site?

I think it’s important for new bloggers to know that there’s no specific formula for a blog’s success.  I’ve spent the past 3+ years using trial and error to find out what works for my blog, my readers, and my personal growth.  Technically speaking, a little tip that works well for me is to be more content heavy on Monday mornings and taper out through the week. I don’t usually post on Saturday or Sunday.

You’ve been featured in multiple magazines how did you go about working with these magazines?

It’s always different, but before my book was published, writers or editors would approach me to work together.  Around the time my book was released, I started working with my awesome Random House publicist who helped me navigate that promotion.

I believe working in your passion is key, then find a way to “make it work” as Tim Gunn might say. Do you have any tips for fashion bloggers who want to “make it work” as a blogger?

There are two components that I believe make a blog successful: compelling content and business savvy.  You can be the most well read blog online, but if you’re not treating it like a business, you could never make a dime.  On the flip side,  just having a great business acumen doesn’t make your site.  At the end of the day, people want to relate.

What are some of the opportunities blogging has granted you?

I’ve been to New York Fashion Week many times, I’ve collaborated with major fashion brands, and most importantly, I’ve met amazing people!

Taking a photo every day “dressed up” doesn’t give you much time to blog in your pajamas, a nice perk to working from home! Do you ever want to skip a day?

Absolutely, and I definitely do!

What are some of the skills you’d recommend learning for 20 somethings interested in one day starting their own fashion-related business?

Go to business school (or at least take basic business and marketing classes).

For all my Indiana readers, what was your experience like majoring in apparel merchandising at IU (Indiana University)?

It was great. I like to say that the apparel merchandising program at IU is like business school for fashion.  They’re teaching you what you’d learn in your first years on the job and have an amazing reputation, which means great opportunities for new graduates.

Do you feel that you’re missing out on the fashion opportunities by living in Indiana?

Not at all. NYC is just a plane flight away!

Do you think bloggers are having an effect on the fashion/media industry, and where do you think the industry is heading toward?

Absolutely.  Bloggers are both influential and relatable, which can have a huge impact in consumer spending habits. There have been many instances when I’ve seen a blogger wear something and I clicked to buy it right away.  You can’t do that with magazines or television!


Tomorrow meet proFASHIONal: Jenny Fleiss, Co-Founder of Rent The Runway

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Olivia Palermo and the Look for Less

I think it’s pretty safe to say that if you were a religious watcher of “The City”, Olivia Palermo was NOT your favorite person on the show. She was mean to Whitney and rude to every person she interacted with – even Joe Zee (who Erin met this week!!). And honestly, how could anyone be mean to Joe?

We may never know the secret combination of reality vs. scripted television for this guilty pleasure in reality television history, but Olivia was clearly the show’s villain who had only one redeeming quality – the girl can dress.

Thanks to her ability to dress perfectly in every situation from running errands to sitting in the front row at fashion shows, we realize that Olivia’s fifteen minutes don’t seem to be ending anytime soon. On that note, despite the fact that “The City” hasn’t been on the air since last summer let’s see if we can find a Look for Less that the girl we loved to hate would approve of.

While we may be a tad afraid of Olivia, Olivia isn’t afraid of a print. So this floral Kensie dress seems like a perfect base for this week’s Look for Less. Floral dress, sale $49.49.

A blazer or a party cardi is the perfect way to accessorize our floral dress. This party cardi’s ruffle gives a nice oomph to the dress while managing to not overpower the print. Ruffle cardigan, sale $20.00.

Instead of opting for a red, blue or black heel for this look, why not go for something a bit more unexpected? These purple heels could be my favorite part of this whole Look for Less! Purple heels, $16.38.

No Olivia Palermo look is complete without a cocktail ring! This blue ring for $13.79 nicely rounds out this look!

Total cost for this week’s Look for Less?


- take that Olivia Palermo!


Is there a look you love but can’t imagine spending four or five figures on? Tell us in the comments section!

Courtney graduated from college in 2009 and is a 20-something working as a marketing assistant in DC. To follow Courtney in her many office adventures, including (but not limited to) her endless battle with the office copier, follow her on Twitter – @ItsCourtneYall.

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Baby Got Back? Or, Padded Underwear?

Over the past decade, a fascination with the so-called “booty” has grabbed the attention of men and women around the globe. It’s likely that at some point you’ve asked a friend the infamous question of whether or not they think your butt looks big, leaving that person with the awkward responsibility of answering yes or no.

For years we ladies have had a constant divide on this particular topic. Half of the women want a little extra junk in the trunk, while the other half prefer to tone it down. The one thing most of us can agree upon is having proudly memorized, sung, or shamelessly been caught karaoking to songs like “Bootylicious” or “Baby Got Back”.

The growing (no pun intended) obsession with our back sides has officially reached an all-time high due to Pippa Middleton’s A** Appreciation Fan Page, plastic surgery requests for Kim Kardashian’s bum, and J.Lo’s recent catsuits. It has yet to be determined who actually started this popular trend, but sources say that these ladies aren’t helping the “situation”.

Since the Royal Wedding, cosmetic surgeons have reported a 60% increase in work on British backsides. While in the U.S. the “Brazilian Butt Lift” reigns as the popular go to backside cosmetic surgery. Not all of us can be so blessed in certain areas, but in today’s society what you aren’t blessed with you simply buy.We might choose to be American but apparently prefer our butts from other countries!

Enhance Your Bum with Intimate Style

Bubbles Body Wear

Has anything and everything enhanced, padded, or pushed up that you could ever need! Check out their “Padded Panties”.

Pure Style Girlfriends

Get a little extra oomph backstage with “Bump-a-Booty”, their rear enhancing padded brief.

So ladies, what are your thoughts?


“Why I’d Like to Punch Victoria and Steal Her Secret.” Or, “Victoria’s Secret Must Haves.”

It’s sort of like that scene from Mean Girls (you know back when Lindsay had red hair), the part where she daydreams about attacking the “Alpha Plastic.” Yeah, that’s kind of what I’m thinking here.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a sucker for Victoria’s Secret swimsuits, bras, and pretty much anything else, but that doesn’t discount the fact that punching Victoria and stealing her secret wouldn’t bring me some delight.

After all, is it really necessary to flaunt gorgeous models in every ad or use holy terms like miracle and angel when describing my bust size? Nope, not really.

As for stealing the secret, contrary to popular belief Victoria’s Secret isn’t out. And frankly, I’m kind of annoyed about it (enter sarcasm stage left).

I thought I knew it. I thought I had it figured out. The secret, the holy grail, the magic solution to being a Victoria’s Secret girl. There it was in People Magazine, US Weekly, Huffington Post, and the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows for all to see. It was obvious!

The qualifications to being a Victoria’s Secret girl:

You had to be foreign, marry a hot guy, grow to abnormal heights, strike a fierce pose, wear wings, and have a little or a lot of extra “umph” around the chest.

I’ve given it my best shot.  Over the years I’ve attempted the following:

1. Be Foreign

Check!  (Became Irish. My married name is now Erin Flynn.)

2. Grow to Abnormal Heights

Check! Average height for women in the U.S. = 5 feet 4 inches.

(Erin = 5 feet 9 inches)

3. Strike a Fierce Pose

Check! Result Below:

4. Marry a Hot Guy

Check! Result Below:

5. Umph in the Chest

Check! Who said ruffles didn’t count?

6. Wear Wings

Check! Or just fly?!

Clearly I’ve tried them all and have yet to receive a call from Victoria’s Angels or agents. So here I am, once again, and sadly no closer to finding Victoria’s secret.

But if you can’t steal them, join them. Right?

You can find me at the local Victoria’s Secret purchasing my next bra. Didn’t you see the photos? We all know I need it! (I can’t wear ruffles everyday…)

Here’s 3 Victoria’s Secret Must Haves

1. Incredible Bra

2. Loungewear

3. Seamless Panties








Small Town Girl, Big City Fashion

I grew up in a small town in Indiana of about 1,000 people. This was a place where the Town Marshal also served as our substitute teacher, the guidance counselor was my mom’s best friend, and the school nurse and I shared the same last name!

Yes, city people…places like this do exist!

You might ask, what does all this have to do with fashion? Well…it was also a place where people didn’t care if your Louis Vuitton was fake or real, dressing in odd form wasn’t fashionable– it was weird, and denim didn’t come back… it stayed! It’s these roots that make me cringe when buying something over $80 or laugh when hearing about a new/old breaking trend.  So even though the fashion world is certainly Chic, it’s by all means a  hop, skip, and big jump away from Reality!

“Overall of It!” Or, “Why the Overall Trend Should Go!”

Okay, so I wore them too… but give me a break I was in 5th grade and had giant glasses which I also thought were pretty cool. This is simply verifying that my “cool” specter might have been a little off. What’s peculiar (yes, I said peculiar) is when a trend such as overalls are coming back before the trend has even fully left (Note: the woman I saw at Wal-mart yesterday).Unless you’re working on a farm, conducting a train, or terrified of zippers,  there isn’t much of a need for overalls in our wardrobe or in public (that means YOU too, Jesse James).

Overalls are one creeper that’s crept too far! Leave the bibs right where they belong…back in the 90s!