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Find eco-friendly stylish clothes and organic clothes for every 20 something. This growing trend is hot, stylish, and great for the environment!

Freewaters = 1 Pair of Flip Flops + 1 Person + 1 Year of Clean Drinking Water

I have a serious crush on social entrepreneurs who provide socially conscious brands and businesses. Maybe it helps me feel less guilty when shopping, or maybe it’s that they’re proving businesses can still make profit while helping better peoples lives. Either way finding a new social initiative with a quality product leaves me giggling like a little school girl.

If you’re a fan of TOMS, you’re going to love Freewaters. For every pair of flips flops you buy they provide clean drinking water to one individual for an entire year. It’s hard to imagine that clean drinking water is scarce in areas when here in the U.S. we not only have it in our fountains but bottled in our refridgerators. That being said, it’s estimated that in the near future almost 2 billion people will live where freshwater is scarce. Crazy, right? So check out these surfers who have new patent pending flip flips with a purpose. These make walking a whole lot sweeter.

Who, What, Where? (Fair Trade Fashion)

After a much needed trip to the oh so beautiful California and a brief stop at Baksheesh (an amazing store where I literally lost money by the seconds). I started thinking about the effect of clothing, jewelry, & all things I adore.

It wasn’t a rare meeting with the local beach hippie or a soft squeeze from a tree hugger (though that might have been nice), but a simple stylish store with a unique outlook yet common realization that people don’t know who, what, or where their buying their clothes. Not to mention some really cool Elephant Dung Paper. Yep, that’s right paper made of elephant poo!

(Emma Watson in People Tree)

Old Navy and TerraCycle Celebrate Earth Day with Flip Flops?!

Earth Day is here, and unlike a majority of American holidays it’s not one where we’re showered with Hallmark greeting cards, excessive candy, or presents. Though if you’re feeling in the holiday spirit I’d be more than happy to receive any of the previously stated!

Recently, I got an e-mail discussing Old Navy & TerraCycle’s team up for Earth Day that sparked my interest!

Keds Shoes Are Touring Like Rock Stars or Justin Bieber!

Once I heard about Keds new little adventure around the U.S. I knew a post was about to brew. (Like a magical blogger pot that needs to be stirred.)

I’ve always thought Keds were cool, even if my peers in high school or Skechers begged to differ. They can be stylishly worn with almost anything! Yet, they’re still comfortably chic. Their new lines feature eco-friendly shoes, canvas shoes, and design your own shoes!

“Go Green for St. Patrick’s Day!” Or, “Stylish Eco-Friendly Clothes.”

Since my name is Erin Flynn, and it sounds like I literally stepped foot off the boat. I feel like it is my Irish patron duty to give an ode to St. Patrick’s Day. Then again if it must be known I have actually no relation to Ireland once so ever other than the translation of my first name.

However, my husband’s family is very Irish, which explains the whole Flynn part, but my maiden name happens to be Nigh. And that is apparently kind of hard to track down on the family tree. Rather than being a mutt with blended heritage from all over Europe. I prefer to just act like I’m hardcore Irish.

So while I’m not technically from Ireland I’m pretty sure there is some right of passage to celebrate when your name is in the holiday “Erin Go Bragh”. To be honest how can you not celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?!

When else do people get by with drinking a bunch of beer just because the Irish do it, meet normal folks dressed up as leprechauns, and find a pot of gold even if it is chocolate wrapped in gold paper. There is really no reason for a 20 something not to celebrate!

In order to do St. Patrick’s Day justice Reality Chic style I figured there was no better way than to Go Green. These eco-friendly looks will not only keep you green during St. Patrick’s Day, but for years to come! I’ve been wanting to write about eco-friendly chic brands for quite sometime now, but have yet to have the courage seeming how I am very much a newbie. I plan on continuing to write about ways to implement these fashionable clothes into your wardrobe in future articles. However, here is a start!

Why Should 20 Somethings Think to Go Green?

If you’ve seen Food Inc., watched Oprah, or read Michael Pollan’s books you probably have an invested interest in what types of food you’re eating and where it all comes from. Like food, fashion can have an affect on the environment, you, employees around the world, and much more… It’s an obvious thought to watch what you put in your body, but have you ever thought about what you put on it?

Take a look at Jenni Avins and her site for more information on how to and why it’s important to know where your clothes are coming from.

8 Green Eco-Friendly Brands

1. People Tree

2. Loomstate


4. Alternative Apparrel

5. H&M Organic Cotton Collection

6. Kind

7. Ecolissa

8. Ascension