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Proving that there’s more to the Cincinnati fashion scene than pleated pants, JCPenney, mom jeans, and Ohio State sweatshirts.

The Ultimate Man Shoe…

While most of my friends tend to joke that it’s my womanly hobby and my wife can’t stand the fact that every room in our house has a pair of shoes hiding in some corner, I pride myself on my taste for shoes (and I have a shit ton). Shoes are one of the best ways a male can accessorize his ensemble.  Besides, wearing the same old shoes every day is just boring.  While I do have quite a collection of wing tips and chukkas, my focus today is on the ultimate man shoe.

After transitioning from the frigid Wisconsin winter to whatever the hell you call this Cincinnati weather, I have found myself in search of a niche, manly shoe to serve a specific role…do anything and everything I need outside.  While my large and chunky winter space boots with Gortex lining might keep your toes from falling off in the Alaskan wilderness, they don’t necessarily jive with the moderate temps this wonderful part of the world gets.

I really needed something that I could slip on in rain, snow, mud, slush, leaves, sewage backup…you know, manly stuff.  Then I remembered my childhood and the awesome L.L. Bean boots my mom bought me! Turns out they still make them and market them towards men.  At first I was a little skeptical, but after reading some of the reviews from life-long Beanies, I bought a pair.  These things are awesome!

Men’s Bean Boots by L.L.Bean®, 8″ Thinsulate

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What Billy Beane, Brad Pitt, & Arianna Huffington Have In Common – Plus, Get 10% Off Smart Talk Women Tickets to See/Hear Arianna Huffington This Wednesday!

It’s not everyday you can take a deep thought provoking message from a Brad Pitt movie. Not that Benjamin Button didn’t leave your mind wandering. Like, why is that baby old? Anyhow, the point I’m trying to make is that after staying up late last night to celebrate our presidents (or watch Moneyball), I was struck by an epiphany. For those who are still Oprah fans left searching for the OWN channel, let’s just call this my ‘Aha’ moment.

Billy Beane (Brad Pitt’s character) changed the way baseball was played. Rather than using a majority of his budget to replace one player who happened to get traded to the Yankees and/or some other wealthy team after a successful season, he relied on statistics to buy cheaper players with certain strengths that could add up to the replacement of one all star player within his small budget. Long story short, he did the “Steve Jobs of baseball” and began to “think different.”

Now you might be wondering why I feel the need to spill the details about a random sports movie I recently watched. Well, this Wednesday I have the opportunity to meet the “Steve Jobs of blogs”, Arianna Huffington, which in turn has nothing to do with meeting Brad Pitt or playing baseball. Honestly though, I am more excited to meet Ms. Huffington than Mr. Pitt who happens to be making an appearance in Cincinnati this upcoming Wednesday the 22nd.  She, similarly to Billy Beane, took the “think different” approach back in the day when she founded a little think known as The Huffington Post. While politics were tied into her beginnings, she still changed the way media operated and the way we received it. Lets just say she re-branded the blogger in the basement to the blogger in the high rise. Alright, so maybe it’s more like the blogger in the cubicle. Either way, she took the blogger out of the basement, gave him or her money for clothes other than pajamas (so I’d like to think), and made them a legit news source.

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Fashion Week on a Budget! (From Cincinnati to New York City)

fashion week 2012 003

We’ve all watched the scenes from Sex and the City and clicked on the front row photos featured on After attending fashion week for the third year in a row, I’m still a bit taken back by the whole scenario. Fashion is to New York like Skyline Chili is to Cincinnati. Both look good, but only one leaves you with indigestion.

The difference in Carrie Bradshaw attending fashion week to Erin Flynn (yes, I’m speaking in third person) may be more than just a pair of Manolo Blahniks. While Carrie may have returned to her luxury apartment on the Upper East Side, “we” traveling from Cincinnati, Ohio, prefer to keep it “classy.” Listen, I’m not Carrie Bradshaw, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night.

fashion week 2012 631

We’re documenting everything from the H&M blazers to the hottest runway shows to the Isaac Mizrahi blouse my sister wore and recovered from the Salvation Army. There is clearly a wide range of topics here. Keep checking over the next week to find out what it’s like to go to “Fashion Week on a Budget!”

fashion week 2012 012

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And the Winner of the Ultimate Accessory (a.k.a Acer Aspire S3) Is…. Jbfoster4!!

Congrats to Jbfoster4! You won the Reality Chic/Windows Giveaway, a new PC:  Acer Aspire S3!! You have until 4pm tomorrow (Saturday) to e-mail us.

Please send me an e-mail at: to redeem your prize!!

Thanks so much to everyone who participated and showed just how fashionable tech can actually be. It was an unbelievable turn out, and we’re looking forward to having some more kick a** giveaways in the near future! Meanwhile, keep up with Reality Chic on Twitter @realitychicblog, Facebook, or right here all this week in New York City for New York Fashion Week.

For those curious as to how this so called “fashion week” goes down or how two Midwestern girls wearing Target standout, we’ll be reporting all the behind the scenes goods via  “Fashion Week On a Budget”“Occupy Fashion Week, What the 1% Wears”, & “Behind the Runway”.


**I am a part of the Windows Champions blogger program. As part of this partnership, I have been loaned a Windows 7 PC for an entire year and have the opportunity to learn about Windows and Microsoft products. I’m looking forward to sharing the inside scoop with fellow 20 somethings & fashion bloggers.**

What to Wear Wednesdays? Glasses That Are Nerdy But Chic and Slightly French (Glasses USA)

You know the age old excuse, my dog ate my homework? It went sort of like that except instead of my homework, my glasses were the ultimate victim. Apparently Mr. Pug was going for a more sophisticated look to match his rather formal name and stoutly appearance. Probably just before he indulged in a baguette alongside his afternoon cigar (we like to think he’s French). Unfortunately, Mr. Pug’s avant-garde mishap was on my dollar.

mr pug

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What to Wear Wednesdays? Outfit Idea: Maxed Out & Tim Gunn Worthy (Maxi Dress)


Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to meet Project Runway’s Tim Gunn downtown Cincinnati via the SmartTalk Women’s Series. Naturally, I debated, and at times panicked, about what to wear.

It wasn’t just a celebrity but a celebrity who has made his living off of literally knowing the ins and outs of the fashion industry. So leave it to me to stump the fashion mentor with a designer he’s never heard of… Olde Nave’.

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Startup Weekend, Entrepreneurship, & A New Fashion Democracy – Righting Style! Go Ahead… Start Exposing Yourself

The dictionary’s definition of an entrepreneur is: a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.

(In other words, we think we can fly hot air balloons across the country.)


What this definition fails to mention is the fact that entrepreneurship is more than managing an enterprise and facing a risk, but that it’s a full on diagnosable disease. At times, it needs to be treated, but there’s no cure. It’s contagious, but people continue to exchange business cards, and if there ever was a definition for bipolar, a startup hoodied, head-phoned eared 20 something’s photo would be smack dab next to it in complete Merriam-Webster style.  

Wondering if you’ve caught it yet? No worries, here’s a list of some of the systems which could include:

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What to Wear Wednesdays? Outfit Idea: Killer Red Pants!

red pants photo

How to Wear: Trendy Red Pants!


Red Pants: Old Navy

Sweater: H&M

Chambray Shirt: Madewell1937

Saltine Cracker Necklace: Emily Elizabeth Jewelry

Elephant Necklace: LC Lauren Conrad Kohl’s

Skinny Watch: Vintage (Thrift Shop)

Bracelet: Italian Murano Glass (Store in Italy)

Hair twist: (I can’t live with out it)

Shoes: Target Mossimo

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This SATURDAY Project Runway’s Tim Gunn is Coming to Cincinnati & We’re Giving Away Two Tickets to Meet Him!

If your DVR is recording The Bachelor tonight, like mine (don’t judge, I’m too far in to quit), it’s likely you already know who Tim Gunn is. It’s not because he is or was a contestant on The Bachelor. In fact, it’s probably one of his Golden Rules not to be, but that he’s another reality star on a reality show with just as much drama yet a little less hot tub action, Project Runway.

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Win Tickets to Meet & Hear Tim Gunn & Arianna Huffington Speak!!!

Santa is coming into town, and for those in Cincinnati so are 5 other speakers (reindeer excluded). Since it’s Monday I thought I’d do us all a favor and spread some much needed holiday cheer to highly caffeniated people hanging around the water cooler thanks to those over at the SmartTalk Women series.

SmartTalk is getting ready for their upcoming events downtown Cincinnati at the Aronoff center, where Tim Gunn (Project Runway mentor), Arianna Huffington (founder of the Huffington Post), Kara Dioguardi (songwriter and former American Idol host), Vy Higginsen (first female black writer, producer, & director of the longest running Off Broadway show), and Andie MacDowell (actress in films such as “Groundhog Day” & “Four Weddings and a Funeral”) will all be sharing their inspiring stories throughout the course of 5 months with one speaker each month.

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