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Check out fashion tips for finding the perfect wedding dress, bridal party, bridesmaids dresses, and even mother of the brides dress for you.

Exclusive: Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress

Outside of a gay bar where else can you find giant hats, a queen, and a bunch of well-dressed men? None other than a Royal Wedding! We can certainly count on the British for pageantry and an elaborate celebration while we Americans prepare for more traditional less elaborate weddings where open bars and chocolate fountains are deemed formal.

Though no matter who, how, or where you celebrate the main focus is always on the bride (as it should be). Spoken like a previous bride!

The Big Announcement: WWKW?

What Was Kate Wearing?

Breaking 20 Something Fashion News: Vera Wang for David’s Bridal and SimplyVera Spring 2011

Maybe just maybe Vera Wang is my half-Asian cousin from Indiana or maybe not, but her clothes and attitude are certainly representing the 20 something girl from the Midwest. Who honestly can go from dressing Chelsea Clinton’s wedding dress to Kohl’s?!

Simply Vera (sorry I couldn’t help the pun)!

Seriously though, her clothes are making me believe in not only designer humanity but the hope for reality chic! Her spring clothing line for Kohl’s makes me want to drool (it’s my job) and with the news of her David’s Bridal wedding gowns out on Feb. 11th it looks like I’ll be renewing my vows after 1 year of marriage (don’t worry invites will be in the mail next week)!

A 20 Something Wedding Dress Style Guide

Shopping for wedding dresses is kind of like shopping for a husband. You’re not sure how many you’ll have to date before you find “the one”.

Shopping for the “dress” can be a bit confusing; after all, it’s not every day a girl purchases a wedding gown. With many designs, multiple styles, and no clue what to expect here is a guide for the first time bride!

Big City Brides

It seems there is love in the air again with couples such as Kate Middleton and Prince William, Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minillo, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden, and Jessica Simpson and whatever her dude is named. However, it’s possible the air in Hollywood is semi-polluted which would explain a heck of a lot in the marriage department!

Even though the heart of wedding season is in much warmer months, it’s no time to slack off as a bride. In fact, it’s time to start the full on planning! Are you already stressing, having arguments with your mom, and thinking Vegas looks better and better? Congratulations, and welcome you have officially entered wedding mania.

Bridesmaids and Mother of the Bride Dresses 101

Everyone knows someone who knows someone who at one time or another had to wear an awful bridesmaids dress, and as a bride this horror lingers over your head when choosing bridesmaids dresses for your own wedding. After all keeping your friends after the free cake is kind of important!

What to Look for in a Bridesmaid Dress?

One-shoulder, cinched belted waists, and strapless dresses are the top trends to look for when shopping. It’s important to remember things such as bust size (we’re not all so blessed as others), style, and price. Bridesmaids dresses will most likely be worn only once so keep a friendly budget in mind. David’s Bridal is a great option for this! And last but not least an important reminder that Prom is not a wedding theme so avoid dresses that look like it!

Always a Bridesmaid Never a Bride

“Do you realize Fran has chosen teal for her brides maids? Teal, the color of gang-green. My last bride who chose teal ended up getting her marriage annulled in 12 days! You might as well commit matrimonial suicide right now!”- Wedding Planner

It’s too bad the Greek Prince’s bride, Tatiana Blatnik, didn’t get the memo last week before she wed Prince Nikoloas of Greece. Or did she? That we might not ever know, but what I  am sure of  is that dressing your bridesmaids up as Little Mermaid isn’t nice or pretty. But then again, with every friends wedding is another friends wedding which only means….Payback!

Tis’ to the Wedding Season

Express at ShopStyle

If you’re in your 20′s you’ve most likely reached that time in your life where from April to August vacation revolves around who’s wedding you’ll be attending, which one’s have an open bar, and how many weekends you actually have free. And as someone in their 20′s there is also the age old question of “What am I going to wear?”. Now this question could be avoidable if  you were capable of wearing anything to a wedding, but as we all know that is merely impossible!

Ways to Choose Bridesmaids Dresses and Still Keep Your Friends

That’s right you’ve suddenly become a stylist as well as a bride! While fashion or styling might not be your thing it is still something that you have to do when choosing a bridal party, this is unless you happen to be marrying a metrosexual. Which in that case I suggest having him take over!

Bridal Guide 101

Tip of the Day: Don’t freak out, bridal gowns run at larger sizes.

Bridal Guide 101… there are 4 basic styles you need to know, then I will go over which style is best for what body type.