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Stylish maternity clothes and outfit ideas for when you’re pregnant. Find out what to wear and how to wear trends when your pregnant.

Style Guide for the 20 Something Mom-to-Be

Now a days after getting married, it’s not only your mom and mother-in-law pressuring you to have a kid. It’s your Facebook page. While I’m reminded daily of my apparent “next step” in life due to every ad covering the side of my page, I think it’s fair to say there is enough pressure from friends and family, let alone a social network. Although I am not ready (sorry Facebook) there are many of other 20 something gals that certainly are.

As you know, looking young and stylish while pregnant can be a bit of a challenge. Looking for moo moos on the other hand isn’t. Unfortunatley there are way too many bad, matronly, and extremely conservative options for maternity clothing which is why it can be a bit confusing for your inbetweener self. Even though your husband still claims you’re just as cute, it makes it hard to believe when the only thing that fits properly is a paper bag!

But forget about those frumpy thoughts along with the old clothes and realize that your hot 20 something self can look just as fantastic with your ego that’s prego! If Kourtney Kardashian, Jessica Alba, Natalie Portman, and the other half of young Hollywood can do it we normal people can too!

Don’t confuse maternity with matronly!

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