Camouflage (Trend Alert)

When I think of camouflage three things come to mind: Hunting, Army, and the Bass Pro Shop. If I had it my way camouflage would stay hidden (no pun intended)! Trying to make camo trendy is like trying to make harem pants cool….Not gonna happen! So you get the point..I’m not a big ¬†fan!

Gap at ShopStyle

Rather than listening to advice from “certain sources” that camo should be a go to this season, take this advice and choose an alternative print (two meanings there). Wearing bold patterns or cargo apparel is a great way to replace this overused look. If your contemplating whether you should follow this trend think about the original meaning of camouflage. It’s best when left unseen and a mistake when it stands out!

5 thoughts on “Camouflage (Trend Alert)”

  1. Erin, LOVE the blog and definitely agree 100% about the camo. I am a girl from Louisiana who is used to hunting so camo needs to stay in the woods or on the battlefield! Thanks for visiting my blog Kitchen Belleicious. Become a follower next time you stop by so you can automatically be entered in each giveaway I do even if you don’t comment!

  2. Hey Girl!
    Saw your url on I echo Jessica on the camo. Keep it for hunting, not in the urban jungle.
    I really can’t stand pink camo!

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