BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW!! Everything Your Guy Needs To Know About Fashion, Brought To You By: A 20 Something Guy

In the land of light wash jeans and St. John’s Bay polo shirts is also a 20 something guy that should transition his style. While I’d like to think most want to improve upon their 16 year-old closet hoarding overwashed or Hollister polos, many don’t even know where to start, what to wear, how to wear it, or where to buy it. So I’ve brought in J.K. (a 20 something stylish yet realistic guy) to sort of solve your man problems. And by that, I mean teach you or your guy how to dress. Catch his tips every other Wednesday under “Your Guy’s Fashion”! -Erin


Cashmere cardigans and Italian-made leather loafers don’t exactly jive with my unofficial work dress code which calls for Redwing work boots and Carhartt utility pants.  I’m a 26-year-old engineer with a little bit of fashion sense stuck for 8 hours a day in a place that seems to only attract worn-out polo shirts as bland as the office wall and pleated khaki pants!  By the way, no one under the age of 78 should ever wear pleated pants…and even then, it’s a questionable decision!  End of story!

I manage through the daily ridicule as my co-workers bust up trying to guess the exact color of the sweater I’m sporting.  “Periwinkle!  No, it’s got to be fuchsia.”  I reply and say, “It’s just regular purple.”  Actually, it’s a Merino wool, heathered purple v-neck from the latest J. Crew collection. I choose not to divulge the commentary and go on with my day.

On the drive home, I replay the events of today’s purple-sweater-gate.  Is it the fact that I’m too progressive in my fashion style or is it that other men have no idea how to look good?  I’d like to think it’s a little of both, leaning more toward the latter.  While I do pride myself in the fact that I look good when I step out of the house, I still want other people to look good too.  Your style is your first impression to the world.  When you look good, you feel good and other people notice.

As a guy starts to develop his style, the single most important item to address is the fit of the clothes.   Most of the high-end designer threads are not made for the average guy.  Unless you think the average guy is five foot nothing and weighs less than a buck fifty.  Over the next few posts I’m going to be diving into setting up your work wardrobe, from shirts to shoes, and will talk about the fit of each item.  Follow my lead and you will be looking your best in no time.

Style is a choice, so make yours.


J.K. is a 20 something transplant to Cincinnati.  He works for a national engineering firm and is a newcomer to the fashion blogging scene.  Follow J.K.’s style for guys every other Wednesday and post questions on

One thought on “BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW!! Everything Your Guy Needs To Know About Fashion, Brought To You By: A 20 Something Guy”

  1. I <3 the fashion we have today! It's beautiful, yet fun! You can turn the ugliest dress into somehting called fashion with adding a jean jacket, or jewlery!
    Long story short..Thank God for todays sense of fashion!!

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