Boots for “Normal” Girls!

Knee High, Over the Knee, and well..almost any self or label proclaimed boot involves actually getting that boot over your calf before being able to wear it.

You can do one of two things… pretend like you have no idea what I’m talking about and completely ignore this post (click here to go back to facebook) or own up to the fact that fitting a boot over your “athletic” calf is not only a bit of a challenge, but a miracle. At some point in many of our lives we have found ourselves at the mercy of our dear friend and/or significant other begging them while sitting on the side of the bed, couch, or chair to please help pull off the infamous boots while trying to keep what’s important still on…your feet!

It’s not that your calf is “plus size” or “big boned”? It’s probably just normal, but as we all know normal would be considered as somewhat plus size in the fashion industry. So what should we do about this? Start knocking on designers doors demanding boots that fit…Right?

Luckily, someone’s already done that for you! So check out these sites below to find boots for “normal” people! -extended calf sizes -extra width for regular sizes, over 100 wide-calf boots -45 wide-calf boots from medium to extra wide -Every boot can come in wide width

3 thoughts on “Boots for “Normal” Girls!”

  1. I checked out a few weeks ago and for the first time in my life I have finally found my first pair of wide calf knee high boots! I am only a size 12 in clothing but my calf is 19” and when you go into a shoe store it feels as if you are a creature from another planet because of the way you are treated when the salesperson sees your calf. On top of this, I was “blessed” with wide feet too and I need an extra wide width shoe size which they have in just about every style!

    When you buy something online, every company calls their boots a “wide calf” but when they arrive you find that they are only an inch or 2 larger than the standard boots that the stores carry since these generally have 14 – 15″ calves. This is so frustrating and I have been so upset for years.

    The best part is that they list the calf size for every foot size so you know exactly what size you are actually getting and as long as you measure your calf, the boots should fit. These are the boots that I bought: and I am now waiting for a pair of their flat heels too: The customer service people helped me a lot too and they were very nice. Good luck!

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