“Don’t Pull a Heidi Montag!” Or, “3 Ways to Have a Bigger Bust.”

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Heidi Montag and her star crazed husband Spencer Pratt. Heidi recently was all over magazine covers for having had 10 plastic surgery precedures done at once, one being breast implants. So in the case of pulling another “Heidi Montag” with boobs the size of her head (look below), embrace your A or B- cup and find other ways beside going under to help ummm….up the volume?!


3 Ways to Enhance Your Look Not Involving Anesthesia:

1. If ya don’t got it, don’t flaunt it! This meaning if you’re concerned about being small chested don’t go around wearing clothes that show it off!

2. Find the perfect bra. It makes a huge difference! Just because you want to be a C-cup doesn’t mean you should wear a C-cup. You’ll feel and look better when finding the right size. Once you’ve found your true fit, buy a push-up bra. Cost= $45, Surgery= $0,000thousands

3. Dimension (ex: pockets), layers (ex: ruffles), and patterns (ex: florals,seams,stripes,rouching) all are ways to make the appearance of a larger bust. When dressing a certain way you can completely change your “look”.

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