Become a Nudest! (Sort of?!)

by Erin Flynn

“Taking a second look” has a whole new meaning. Whether it be looking to make sure someone isn’t barefoot or checking to be sure they’re actually clothed. Either way means this trend is something to chat about!

If being naked was ever in style…it certainly is awfully close now! The new trend is inching its way into many of our wardrobes…nude shoes, nude tops, and nude dresses. It doesn’t even have to be nude! It’s simply whatever blends into your skin tone for example…camel, nude, or brown.

A nude heel is a great way to sport this look along with its ability to match pretty much anything you wear! Meaning… it’s also a good buy! While I wouldn’t advise wearing this look from head to toe (due to looking like a naked barbie)… I would suggest a tasteful blend of a neutral color in your wardrobe.

Who would of thought being nude would be so fashionable?! (probably not the nudest)