Baby Got Back? Or, Padded Underwear?

Over the past decade, a fascination with the so-called “booty” has grabbed the attention of men and women around the globe. It’s likely that at some point you’ve asked a friend the infamous question of whether or not they think your butt looks big, leaving that person with the awkward responsibility of answering yes or no.

For years we ladies have had a constant divide on this particular topic. Half of the women want a little extra junk in the trunk, while the other half prefer to tone it down. The one thing most of us can agree upon is having proudly memorized, sung, or shamelessly been caught karaoking to songs like “Bootylicious” or “Baby Got Back”.

The growing (no pun intended) obsession with our back sides has officially reached an all-time high due to Pippa Middleton’s A** Appreciation Fan Page, plastic surgery requests for Kim Kardashian’s bum, and J.Lo’s recent catsuits. It has yet to be determined who actually started this popular trend, but sources say that these ladies aren’t helping the “situation”.

Since the Royal Wedding, cosmetic surgeons have reported a 60% increase in work on British backsides. While in the U.S. the “Brazilian Butt Lift” reigns as the popular go to backside cosmetic surgery. Not all of us can be so blessed in certain areas, but in today’s society what you aren’t blessed with you simply buy.We might choose to be American but apparently prefer our butts from other countries!

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Bubbles Body Wear

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So ladies, what are your thoughts?


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