And the Winner of the Ultimate Accessory (a.k.a Acer Aspire S3) Is…. Jbfoster4!!

Congrats to Jbfoster4! You won the Reality Chic/Windows Giveaway, a new PC:  Acer Aspire S3!! You have until 4pm tomorrow (Saturday) to e-mail us.

Please send me an e-mail at: to redeem your prize!!

Thanks so much to everyone who participated and showed just how fashionable tech can actually be. It was an unbelievable turn out, and we’re looking forward to having some more kick a** giveaways in the near future! Meanwhile, keep up with Reality Chic on Twitter @realitychicblog, Facebook, or right here all this week in New York City for New York Fashion Week.

For those curious as to how this so called “fashion week” goes down or how two Midwestern girls wearing Target standout, we’ll be reporting all the behind the scenes goods via  “Fashion Week On a Budget”“Occupy Fashion Week, What the 1% Wears”, & “Behind the Runway”.


**I am a part of the Windows Champions blogger program. As part of this partnership, I have been loaned a Windows 7 PC for an entire year and have the opportunity to learn about Windows and Microsoft products. I’m looking forward to sharing the inside scoop with fellow 20 somethings & fashion bloggers.**

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