And The Oscar Goes To…. Angelina Jolie’s Right Leg!

There’s a lot of things to notice at the Oscars, the fancy dresses, the shiny gold statues, George Clooney,  etc…, but last night there was one thing (or body part) that stood out far more than most, Angelina Jolie’s right leg. It could be compared in popularity to the leg lamp from The Christmas Story and the swan dress worn a few years back. After some seriously hard-core posing (in every photo), her right leg stretched out between the long fitted black Versace high slit gown.

It was taken to a whole new level when Angelina awkwardly posed on stage while presenting an award (photo below). Is it possible her leg was jealous of Pippa’s butt and thought it was time for a new body part to take the scene? If so, the plan clearly worked.

Don’t fret kids! You can now follow Angelina’s right leg on twitter @AngiesRightLeg with over 12,247 followers. While her leg is kicking butt (no pun intended, alright so maybe a lit’) it hasn’t yet beat out Pippa’s A** Appreciation Facebook Page at a whopping 243, 322 fans. Did I mention our society is slightly sick? That being said, let us all reminisce in the voice of the Honey Badger on behalf of Angie’s right leg… “Angie don’t care. Angie’s leg don’t give a sh*t.”

In other more predictable fashion news Octavia Spencer won Best Supporting Actress while looking absolutely breathtaking in Tadashi Shoji, whom I had the pleasure of meeting last year during New York Fashion Week.

In a world of size zero’s, two’s,  J.Lo nip slips, and what have you… size doesn’t matter, especially when you dress like this!

I think every girl likes to tell themselves that they could look just as good, if not better than a celebrity if they too had a hairstylist, a personal trainer, and a cook at their beck and call. Until that moment comes, there’s nothing quite like watching flawlessly made over celebrities celebrate their achievements while sitting on your couch eating tacos in sweats (wish I could make this stuff up).

Now that you are fully aware of what I did last night, tell us how you watched the Oscars, and which celeb dress was your favorite?!

Is Angie’s leg kicking Pippa’s butt… which do you vote for?

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