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First and foremost you should probably know my name which happens to be Erin Flynn. Though I sound like I just stumbled off the Irish boat, I’m actually not Irish at all just married to one named Colin.

wedding 2

So exactly who am I? Well here are 3 things you might find interesting: I grew up in a small town like Mayberry with a Town Marshal and no stoplights, I’m the second all time leading 3 point shooter on my former college basketball team, and I’ve traveled to 34 states along with living in 5 different ones all by the age of 25.


If I could live off Coffee, Sweet Tea, and Mexican Food I would, with maybe an occasional Flintstone vitamin! You should probably know that I have changed my hair color and cut more times than I can possibly count (note: it’s already different from the pictures below), and I am a certified pop-culture junkie! Seriously, ask me anything??!


Reality TV star? Not exactly, but I did make a brief appearance on All On The Line with Joe Zee and got to meet Tim Gunn. That’s got to count for something, right?



Lastly, I’m an entrepreneur and co-founder of a startup company called Canopi.me, the easiest way to discover and follow blogs you’ll love!

Feel free to e-mail me at: erin@realitychicblog.com

You can also find me blogging on The Huffington Post!

huffington post

Oh I forgot to mention I’m little obsessed with my slightly French (so we like to think) puggle… Mr. Pug.

 mr pug

About Reality Chic


It all started with a quote: “Because real people don’t wear sparkle pants to Olive Garden.” After reading magazine after magazine while growing up, I discovered a love for fashion. More than that, I also discovered that much of what is reported on or shown as popular throughout the fashion industry is unrealistic. I mean have you seen the runways or looked at the latest photoshopped make up ad? As you probably already know, a night out to dinner at Olive Garden is much more realistic.

So when I was reading through an article that recommended that I wear sparkle pants for a night out, I couldn’t help but envision the looks I would receive after leaving a sequins trail (they never stay on) & likely bread stick crumbs from your oh so typical chain restaurant. This is exactly why I began Reality Chic, to show a slightly more sarcastic yet stylish side of life for 20 somethings wouldn’t and/or couldn’t be caught wearing sparkle pants. Little did I know, that I would be in for a ride… 

Reality Chic was once a place that helped 20 somethings transition their style from college into the real world. In college, it’s all fun and beer pong until you graduate. You accept your well-deserved diploma in a weird cape of a dress that more or less represents Judge Judy and not the university, walk across the stage in black closed-toed heels and gladly accept the “B.S.” (bachelors of science, of course) that officially enters you into the real world. You’re excited, ambitious, and optimistic of what lies ahead . But let’s not forget you are a little uncertain about the lack of a job and your new “apartment” that is mistakenly identical to your parents house.

Though you have a new perspective on your so-called 20 something adult life you’re not quite sure where you or your style belongs in your twenties. Adult? Sophisticated? Young? Hot? Fiance? Trendy? Wife? Comfortable? Mom? Executive Assistant? Simple? Waitress? Nurse? Teacher? Edgy? Girlfriend? Student?

Whether you’re 22 or 29, it’s likely you and your liver recovered from the past 4 years of partying and eating late night Taco Bell (80% beef, really?). The question is… did your wardrobe?

Does it still resemble a somewhat broke, college/high school fanatic, skimpy clubbish, ultra comfy, homeless, formal version of yourself better known as a wardrobe hangover? With cheap $8 Forever 21 shirts, college and left over high school apparel, a Northface zip-up, giant Uggs, Victoria Secret sweatpants, and formal dresses, there isn’t many places a post grad should go let alone be seen in these type of clothes. 

It’s probable that you feel like somewhat of an “in-betweener” when it comes to fashion. You’re afraid of looking matronly, but don’t want to dress like you’re a student either (even though you might technically still be one). You want to attempt to look young and stylish, but still look your age. And you also need a balanced wardrobe that can take you from the office to happy hour or shopping to dinner with friends.

No worries, I was there too!

Fast forward 3 1/2 years later and this once disheartened recent grad went from unemployed blogger (seriously depressing) to passionate president (seriously loving) of Canopi.me. This blog brought me back to reality, made me more fashionable than I ever could have imagined, and brought me more opportunities than I possibly could have dreamed of. And to that, I owe this blog, my readers, and the blogosphere itself something bigger than just a thanks and a few extra posts. I owe it and want to leave it a better place than when I started.

While it’s still important for me to help to 20 somethings transition to new style, I’m ready to share my journey on a slightly more personal and, of course, fashionable note. I’m ready to give you a real look (documented by iphotos & in my own words) at where my blog, Reality Chic, has taken me to. From fashion to my life in a startup to my mad addiction to coffee & hipsters (don’t judge), it’s time my reality becomes chic!

13 thoughts on “About”

  1. hey girl,
    Your blog is absolutley amazing. It is so professional and informational. I love the outline and the headliners, it is really great! I am so busy with work but this is something I totally would read you should definately keep up with it! miss u!


  2. Hi Erin!

    My name is Katrina and I am the Business Director (and occasional writer) for flaw. Magazine. First, let me say that we at flaw. Magazine love your blog! I’m contacting you to see if you are still interested in doing an interview for flaw.s February issue on how you got started, got the idea, and tips for real women. If so, I’d love to set up a time to chat with you (preferable through Skype or gmail video). Let me know if you are still interested! I look forward to working with you.

    Katrina Lewis
    flaw. Magazine

  3. I saw your forum on IFB. Small town bloggers.  Small town outside NYC, welcome to my world friend!

    Love the site its beautiful.  I will definitely be stopping back to check up on your updates.  I will try to comment on the forum but the IFB site keeps disconnecting.

    Zoe Gabrielle


  4. Erin I’m glad you got in the fashion industry after your CBU days! God knows what you must have been thinking about me and Nienaber’s attire. Glad to see your doing well! take care. Tell collin he still can’t beat me in raquetball…. Coach G

    1. Hey Coach G-  Don’t worry I had no room to judge, spending majority of my time in sweatpants and bball gear isn’t exactly fashion forward. All is well here, in the process of working on a startup company & heading to fashion week. Hope all is well your way in GA! I’ll be sure to pass the message on to Colin.. With two knee surgeries down we haven’t played raquetball in forever; I’ll have to get on that! – Erin

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