8 Can’t Miss Cyber Monday Deals!

Does shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday bring back high school memories? Probably not, but it does draw some creepy parallels to high school cliques in the sort of way which you probably would opt to forget!

Example Please!

Black Friday representing the high school social status known as the “Go Getters” A+ students who prefer not to do anything less than the best. Meaning they will find those deals. The “Popular Girls” who only participate in large shopping groups excluding people from not a lunch table but yes… vicious shopping lines. And the “Followers” who thought shopping at 4 a.m. with thousands of people actually looked like good idea.

Then you have Cyber Monday the shopping day where being a lazy human being actually pays off. Note the “Procrastinators” who normally accomplished their homework last minute yet still received a good grade leaving the “Go Getters” to hold a grudge against this group until there 10 year reunion. Last but not least the “Anti-Socialist” calm down politicians these are not socialist, but anti-social people who rather…well do anything than be social which means leaving a computer screen open to hunt last minute deals while of course playing a video game.

Sound familiar? Anyhow…

8 Can’t Miss Cyber Monday Sites!


25% off your online purchase


Up to 50% off



Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Piperlime

Free Shipping and 10% off entire purchase

Eddie Bauer

30% off entire purchase plus Free Shipping


Free Shipping! Great Deals starting at $3!!

Vera Bradley

Up to 50% off

Urban Outfitters

Free Shipping!

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