4 Quick & Easy Halloween Costumes!

Somewhere between 7th grade and college, dressing up for Halloween became cool again. Unfortunately, princesses turned into erotic maids from Party City and Power Rangers turned into some kind of inside joke that likely stood for some sort of innuendo. Once you move on from the dorms it becomes a little less about the sexy cat and more about costume ideas with humor and/or pop culture relevancy behind them. However, let us not forget when you’re in your mid 20s dressing up on a budget is really what hails you a Halloween success. The challenge:  a decent costume on a budget. Outside of the tutu, it’s likely each of the outfits below could possibly be pulled together with things you might already own or at least could buy under $25.

The hipster is a go to pop culture icon. Just carry around your iPhone with ear buds and throw some peace signs while instagramming it.Duh!  If you’ve seen Ellen it’s likely you’ve heard of Sophia Grace & Rosie. All you need is a microphone and a hype girl. Don’t be surprised when your expected to rap some Nicki Minaj later in the night. If you’re in a last-minute bind, attempt the Rosie the Riveter look. Pop your collar with a blue button up, add a bandana, and don’t forget to flex. Last but not least is the ever so classic Where’s Waldo. This is always fun when there is more than just one of you!

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