Here are the things you should do on a date with a guy from the chat apps to keep him interested.

Be Interested

If you like somebody and you want them to know that you are attracted towards them you need to be interested in what they do. Even if you are not a sports fan, paying a little attention to the sports that he enjoys is definitely one of the ways to win him over. When you show interest in something that he likes you automatically become more attractive to him.

It important for you to have certain hobbies and also let him know about them. If you have nothing to talk about he will lose interest in you. It’s important for you to be interesting and adventurous at the same time so that he always has something to discover about you.

Be Honest

There is nothing more attractive than honesty in a woman and if you want to make sure that you are honest you must never lie.

Compliment Him

Women love being complimented when they dress well and they believe that it’s the duty of a man to let them know that they are looking pretty. However, this is something men enjoy too and when you compliment a man about his dressing sense or about something that he has done, it attracts him towards you.

Forget The Past

It’s important for you to do things that you enjoy doing and divert your mind from the feelings that will cause pain to your heart. While it might be easier said than done, it is necessary for you to take the first step towards moving away from negative feelings or depressing thoughts that could hurt you even more. Try not to remind yourself about the fact that the person that you wanted to get into a relationship with is no longer available. Remind yourself that you’re worth a lot more and that you are definitely going to find somebody who will make you truly happy.