Rats come into our house, any locked items or anything which has not been used.  Some of  best way to get rid of rats such as Mouse traps, Rat Repellent, Mothballs, there are different items you will find to kill rats . There is several rat control way to get rid of them. These rodents are found in and out of the house. These rodents come even in clean places. These rodents find some way or other to enter.

There are also home remedies which can be easily found in your kitchen ingredients, such as Bay leaf, onion, pepper. Trapping is considered as one of the best way. Food items like cheese and peanut butter are loved by rats, you can use this to put on the traps to attract rats or mice to trap them. You can even spread baking soda around the house to keep mice and rats away.

People who have cats have nothing to worry, as cats and rats are known as enemies as they both can’t stay under the same roof. Always try to keep your house clean and less stock. Items which are unused and stored for long, rats find their home in them. Even the garbage cans should be covered, try not to store water for long. When you experience any rodent around please take immediate action as they increase in end numbers, this will protect you and your family from any disease. Not only your home, keep your outdoor and surrounding clean too. Rats not only destroy household things, they also destroy vehicles that are parked outside and they destroy them by cutting the wires and other soft items of a vehicle. Keep yourself away from rats and take immediate precaution if you see them around. If you have tried all ways to keep them away and it is not working then call for a Pest Control right away.