To those who are on the lookout for a site where they could buy genuine instagram followers, one of the best sites that they could visit and avail their services of is This is a site which gives you a wide array of packages, which is tailored according to the number of followers that you would want to have added onto your account. This is a great platform for those who can’t wait to have the number of followers on their profile increased, and make it onto the trending list. When it comes to availing of this service, however, there are a lot of questions that may arise. Here are some of them, answered.

Losing of Followers

Instagram can detect a sudden surge of followers onto accounts, and they could also trace those that are just generated via computer, rather than being authentic, real people. The social rise is well aware of this, and know that a drop of around 1-3% could take place initially. To help with that, a bonus of 10% is given, and an automatic refill is also given for 2 months whenever losses are incurred. To help solve the issue in future cases, then it’s best to contact the support team.

Natural Delivery

The question of Natural Delivery is something that people want to answer, considering that they deal with the said term every now and then. In Natural Delivery, this means that the followers that you have purchased will be given on a piece-meal basis rather than in bulk. That means that it is spread through a couple of days, such as 50 followers in a day for the next 10 days if you purchase 500 followers. This will prevent you from getting in trouble with Instagram or anyone else.