Microsoft seems to be in the mood for some fierce competition. The company launched the Windows way before the scheduled time for PC’s and while the mobile version of this update was not scheduled for release for a while; the company went ahead and scheduled a release for the Windows 1o Mobile. Microsoft officially released the Windows 10 screenshot app Home, Windows 10 screenshot app Pro, Windows 10 screenshot app Enterprise, Windows 10 screenshot app Mobile, Windows 10 screenshot app Enterprise Mobile and Windows 10 screenshot app Education. You can get this app by visiting and checking out the various features and benefits that it has to offer.

While the release is believed to be before schedule, vice president for Microsoft Joe Belfiore confirmed the release stating it was on time. The summer release will enable the use of Windows 1o on all platforms including PC’s, mobile phones and tablets. Windows 10 screenshot app will be available in over 190 countries and will be available in 111 languages thus making it user friendly and convenient to those who prefer their regional language.

The Windows 10 screenshot app home version is designed and developed for home users and will be available for PC’s as well as mobile devices and tablets. The latest addition to the Windows 10 screenshot app is the personal digital assistant that will enable users to use the system conveniently. Microsoft has kept up to its promise of providing a free upgrade to all users who own a Windows 7 version or above. Microsoft is constantly upgrading their services with a view to keep their customers satisfied and although they might not rule the Mobile market yet, they still rule the computer market and their constant efforts manage to keep them at the top.