Since its mobile release in the years 2012 and 2013 for iOS and Android users, respectively, Clash of Clans, or COC as it is called, has managed to garner rave reviews from those who have tried playing it. In its early years, the numbers were big and it still is one of the talks of the town. Despite the fact that a lot of players want to play fair, some people make use of a lot of apps that offer coc cheats in a bid to fast-track the success of one in the game. In the name of fairness, doing so could actually get you banned. So much for that though, what are some of the good things that are associated with Playing Clash of Clans?

Relief from Stress

The first thing that is commonly linked to games such as clash of clans is the fact that it serves as an effective stress reliever. A lot of people nowadays love to play these kinds of games every now and then during their break time from work or school, or when they can’t find anything to do. Relieving yourself from stress is important to remain mentally stable and healthy, and playing games like COC is a great stress reliever.

Promotion of Camaraderie and Bonding

The concept of COC allows you to form bonds with people by forming clans and communicating with each other in the group in order to find the right way to attach other clans. With that said, you would have to talk it out in a group, and that of course, entails having a good relationship with everyone. You can form clans with up to 49 other players, where the more players you have, the stronger would your team be, as there are a lot of strategies that you can think of.