We see movies released every week, but audiences are always searching for that content that excites them and is different. Christian Capozzoli an American born artist is also in search of the same thing on how to give his audiences something different that they have never before experienced. There a hundreds and thousands of TV shows aired on our television sets every day, but only those shows become famous which have a good content and something that attracts its audiences. Sometimes along with good content, we also need good and skilled actors and experience directors to helm the project and give an outcome that will excite its audiences.

Christian Capozzoli who is an actor, producer and director is also coming up with his next project which promises to be different from anything else that has been experienced yet. Christian is the creative director along with Angshuman Gosh for their next project, The Improvisers: Something from Nothing. If you are fan of standup comedy, if you are a fan of creativity, if you are looking to watch something new which breaks the norms of our daily soaps, then this will definitely be a hit and will mesmerize you with its format and content. It is group of experienced comedians who takes suggestions and opinion from the audience and will create a show out of it.

How cool does that sound. This group has already covered and performed hundreds of shows across Indian, New York and other countries. It is already gaining popularity amongst the masses. Let’s join Christian and his team in this creative journey and it’s a show which must be witnessed by all. This person was born to enter the entertainment industry and to make it big. To have a good laugh and entertainment we must watch Christian Capozzoli work which will make our day.