One of the major challenges that a lot of pregnant women deal with is finding a position in which they are comfortable sleeping in. Indeed, having a baby bump is a huge challenge, and because of this, it’s not uncommon for you to find a pregnancy stomach pillow that you can use to alleviate this stress. If you’re looking for a pillow that helps you sleep on your stomach, then one of your best choices is the Cozy Bump Maternity Pillow. What makes it a great choice? Let’s find out below.

OB-Gyn, Chiropractor-Approved

Not all the times are comfortable postures going to be good for the mother or the child in the long run. With that said, this maternity pillow has been checked and approved by both Chiropractors and Ob-Gyn Doctors as a way of safely resting on your stomach, as this pillow helps to cradle the baby bumps that you have. This means that this can be safe to use even in the latter stages of pregnancy, allowing you to keep comfortable without compromising the safety of the baby you have.

Wide Headrest

A lot of full-body pillows don’t really come with a wide headrest, as it can be used together with other head pillows. This may be hassle for some, and a lot of mothers may not really be that comfortable in using more than one pillow. With this maternity pillow bycozy bump, however, the wide headrest spares you the need to get a separate pillow.

Helps Ease Lower Back Pain

The bump at the center is there to help relieve lower back pain through the application of gentle pressure in the hip area, which is often the tensest or most painful among all parts when a mother is in her latter pregnancy stages.