After the launching of overwatch, it is enjoyed by a lot of hardcore gamers. Developers reveal that they want to add removed competitive mode feature to the game. If you have played beta version then you will familiar with it, it was removed to work and add some interesting functions which will patch before April ends. It is one of the wonderful game with an awesome concept and overwatch rank boost growing rapidly with animated characters and graphics storyline.

After the latest updates, they introduce with latest gameplay mode and some social networking websites login system. We cannot overlook the popularity of the game, after the launching of the beta version it attracts almost 11 million users in few months. With the help of this article, you will get to know about the history and brand new tips and tricks of the game.

Additional aspects

After launching the new update you will get a lot of new features and characters which create difficulty to play the game.


It is completely latest character which has most importance because she will have to keep everyone healthy and prepare for upcoming fighting. The player can get overwatch rank boost after falling but this process takes much time. She has fewer powers than mercy but it is important to hire her for health issues. If you are playing certainly complicated fight then do your best and win but stay closer to moria which can heal certain damages in your body.

General tips of the game

You will have to play with teammates and your best friends in order to succeed. Getting bonus will help you to improve game more than 20 percent. Keep in mind most of the heroes work efficient and better in competitive mode and playing in difficult mode creates do or die situation.