The pool pump is not only lightweight but also has a suave appearance. People with back problems or weaker upper bodies could opt for this, as it isn’t physically taxing but gives the surface a phenomenal wash. Its lightweight makes it easier to carry around the house or up and down the stairs. The pool pump repair has a unique feature, where it lets you choose between mopping with steam only or with the Perfect solution, depending on the intensity of the stain/spill. If you are looking at cleaning up everyday spills, then only a quick pool pump should help you with the job. But, if we are looking at a stubborn stain, then you may need to use the Perfect solution to get rid of it from different textures. If you are not a fan of using solutions, then I reckon first trying removing the stain with steam and using the solution only when it’s absolutely required. Along with the product comes a free cooling dock, on which you could keep the unit while it’s cooling down, protecting the floor/surface from any kind of damage.

A special feature of the pool pump is its non-toxic system and is 100% biodegradable. A chemical free cleaning system ensures absolute cleanliness and safety. This is where the pool pump scores in being an excellent pool pump which does not need chemicals for cleaning. It spares children and pets from harmful substances and bacteria, whilst keeping your house immaculate.

It comes with a built-in steam heater which takes only 30 seconds for this model to heat up. It also has a light indicator which lets you know when the machine is ready for use. These are some simple but convenient features which make handling this pool pump a lot simpler. As far as tiles and hardwood floors are concerned, be rest assured of more than just satisfactory results. This pool pump also has the capacity of “rejuvenating” your pool and making it look brand new all over again.