Breaking 20 Something Fashion News: Vera Wang for David’s Bridal and SimplyVera Spring 2011

Maybe just maybe Vera Wang is my half-Asian cousin from Indiana or maybe not, but her clothes and attitude are certainly representing the 20 something girl from the Midwest. Who honestly can go from making Chelsea Clinton’s wedding dress to designing for Kohl’s?!

Simply Vera (sorry I couldn’t help the pun)!

Seriously though, her clothes are making me believe in not only designer humanity but the hope for reality chic! Her spring clothing line for Kohl’s makes me want to drool (it’s my job) and with the news of her David’s Bridal wedding gowns out on Feb. 11th it looks like I’ll be renewing my vows after 1 year of marriage (don’t worry invites will be in the mail next week)!

A Glimpse of SimplyVera Vera Wang Spring 2011 Lookbook

Why wear Vera Wang?

The real question is who wouldn’t want to wear Vera Wang? When it comes to designing wedding gowns she is kind of a big deal. Her David’s Bridal line titled White by Vera Wang brings young romantic modern wedding dresses at affordable prices. She’s amazing at accentuating the best features on different body types and playing with textures and patterns. It’s likely you’ve dreamed of having a Vera Wang wedding gown. And as an inbetweener with a “life after college budget” it was laughable. Thanks to Vera…Now is your chance!

I know I sound like some sort of spokesperson, but I believe the SimplyVera Vera Wang line at Kohl’s, is the perfect opportunity for a girl in her 20s to get fashion trends, quality and affordable pieces, and bonus they always go on sale! You don’t want to buy something that literally lasts one week. Take a look at these spring trends that will indeed last such as the popular orange attire, Anarok jacket, draping, and floral prints. You can look young and stylish along with an easy transition from young professional to dinner with friends.

It’s a brand Reality Chic thinks is worth buying to enhance your style and your life after college wardrobe!

Check out some of these practical fashion ideas and looks:

State of the Union Address: FASHION TIPS for the PERFECT JEAN

Don’t forget to stand up and applaud every 2 to 3 sentence.

Alright my after college inbetweeners, we all know what it’s like to shop for jeans. It’s an often frustrating catastrophe that leads to you waiting in line at Auntie Anne’s and a smoothie from Orange Julius! Probably not the best moment in our life, but certainly one of the most relatable. In fact, the only thing more frustrating than shopping for jeans is shopping for a bathing suit and needless to say I’ll cover that later on in a more seasonable manner!

Being young and stylish doesn’t mean having to buy into all the trendy trends out there. Hello…did you see mass amounts of girls wearing sparkle harem pants?? NO! Clearly all trends aren’t meant to be worn! What’s important is that you realize what your best features and worst features are when it comes to your body. This way you know what to work with when shopping for the perfect jean.

It’s not magic and you will try on multiple jeans, but don’t be discouraged! If you find a pair that doesn’t work, simply take a look in the mirror and figure out why. Ask yourself: What parts are not flattering? Where is it hugging you a little too much? What is it accentuating? Are they too short? Are they too baggy? Are they too long? Is the wash the right color? Learning from the bad pairs can make shopping for the right pair 10 times easier!

Don’t give up! Work with what you have and then create what you want!

Check out the FASHION TIPS for the PERFECT JEAN


  • If your hip and thighs are the trouble areas look for a dark wash straight leg (not skinny) or wide leg jean that falls from the largest point of your thigh or hip straight down to you feet. This will leave you with a clean line from your hip down that will elongate your legs and take the pounds off!
  • If you can’t find a jean that is straight cut look for a denim trouser instead. Ask a sales associate for help if you can’t find it.
  • Every girl needs at least one pair of dark wash jeans. They are not only slimming but are much easier to dress up for a dinner, date, or really any event.
  • Avoid faded jeans unless you want to create extra curves or want the faded area to be a focus point. These jeans are helpful for those non-curvy gals who need a little extra.
  • Mid-rise is the best fit for those who carry weight in their stomach. A low-rise jean often accentuates the stomach at its worst part. Leaving the forbidden muffin top..aaahh!
  • Buy the correct size no matter what the “number” is! This is the biggest mistake we women make. No one will think to ask what size your jeans are, but you can bet that they will notice if your flab or butt is sticking out because they are simply too small!
  • Unless you are a non-curvy gal and want to create volume avoid bulky pockets!
  • Cuffs on the bottom are great for tall legs, but avoid this if your legs are on the shorter side as they will shorten them even more.
  • There should not be any bunching or evidence of a saggy crotch! Keep looking!
  • Any jean with a distinct cut such as boot cut, flare, or skinny will accentuate your thigh area and create a more curvy look. Sometimes this can add pounds so check yourself out.
  • Forget and I mean don’t even think about buying something pleated!

Check out these stores to buy great fitted jeans:

Denimology- designer jeans in all styles

IndiCustom- create your own jean with styles, size, and wash so that it fits you perfectly

J Brand- amazing, comfortable fit, but run super small in size

MiH Jeans- celebrity favorite

JoeJeans- another great fitted jean

Hudson- one of my personal fav’s

The following below have sizes from Tall to Petite!


Banana Republic

Ann Taylor Loft


New York & Co

Reality Chic’s New Outlook: After the B.S., Graduate to New Style!

In college it’s all fun and beer pong until you graduate! You accept your well-deserved diploma in a weird cape of a dress that more or less represents Judge Judy not the university, walk across the stage in black closed-toed heels and gladly accept the “B.S.” (bachelors of science, of course) that officially enters you into the real world. You’re excited, ambitious, and optimistic of what lies ahead but a little uncertain about the lack of a job and your new “apartment” that is mistakenly identical to your parents house.

Though you have a new perspective on your so-called adult life you’re not quite sure where you or your style belongs in your 20s. Adult? Sophisticated? Young? Hot? Fiance? Trendy? Wife? Comfortable? Mom? Executive Assistant? Simple? Waitress? Nurse? Teacher? Edgy? Girlfriend? Student?

Whether your 22 or 29, it’s likely you and your liver recovered from the past 4 years of partying and the Ramon Noodles, but the question is….


Does it still resemble a somewhat broke, college/high school fanatic, skimpy clubbish, ultra comfy, homeless, formal version of you better known as a wardrobe hangover? With cheap $8 Forever 21 shirts, college and left over high school apparel, a Northface zip-up, giant Uggs, Victoria’s Secret sweatpants, and formal dresses there isn’t many places a post grad should go let alone be seen in these types of clothes.

It’s probable that you feel like somewhat of an “inbetweener” when it comes to fashion. You’re afraid of looking matronly, but don’t want to dress like you’re a student either (even though you might technically still be one). You want to attempt to look young and stylish, but still look your age. And you also need a balanced wardrobe that can take you from the office to happy hour or shopping to dinner with friends.

Transitioning from college into the real world can be hard enough for many of us Gen-Y ers, so instead of stressing out about what to wear let me help you transform your wardrobe from young to young professional, answer your fashion problems, and give practical fashion tips for real women like yourself!

Let me take YOU from Life After College to Reality Chic!

“Dear Fashion Dictator!” Or, “Fashion Tips”

Dear Fashion Dictator,

Just when I was getting used to this cold and bitter winter “you” have been telling me Spring has Sprung! It’s all over department stores, websites, and magazine spreads that read “Spring Fashion 2011″. Stylish photos of patterned skirts with no tights, light weight tank tops, and bright colors. Don’t you know?? I can look out my Northeastern window and clearly see that spring has not sprung, bounced, hippety hopped, or done any other verb.

It’s freaking cold out, snowy, and will be that way for another 2-3 months! I can appreciate the optimism, but it’s only been winter for one month, yes mam or sir, one month!  Stop throwing bright colors, spring clothes I can’t wear for some time now, and people frolicking in green grass around in my face!

The only bright color I’ve seen outside lately is yellow snow. And I’m pretty sure that’s not a sign that spring has sprung. Am I being dramatic? ABSOLUTELY! So while others prepare for warmer weather and spring fashion looks, I’ll bundle up and hunker down for the snowstorm on the way!

Yours Truly,

A Slightly Bitter & Cold

Reality Chic

10 Ways to Look Hot and Still Be Comfortable!

With all the high tech devices, gadgets, and designers does one still really have to trade in comfort for hotness? I mean Americans can launch a space shuttle, create a notepad that comes to life, but still not have a comfortable heel?! Come on!

Whether you’re attempting to impress your husband or your date it’s not everyday we ladies meet someone who is worth losing the sweats for putting on jeans. And with our busy lifestyle comfort is not only practical fashion but necessary. However, it doesn’t mean you have to budge on style.

While each 20 something girl has their own personal style, here are some key pointers to keeping the comfort but upping the ante.

Tips for a Sexier Look

  • Create an hour glass shape by wrapping a belt around the smallest point on your waist
  • Go for darker colors such as black, navy, deep purple, brown, or deep red, and look to what color works best on your skin tone
  • Search for fabrics such as jersey, cotton, and spandex
  • Try mixing comfort with something that is edgy such as a faux leather jacket or blazer over you favorite cotton v-neck t-shirt
  • Play with layers such as ruffles and flowy tops
  • Wear menswear: a white boyfriend button-up and cinch it with a belt.
  • Try some red lipstick, dark eye liner, or a statement necklace

10 Ways to Look Hot and Still Be Comfortable!

10. Racer Back Tanks

9. Mini Skirt with Leggings

8. Wide Leg Jeans

7. Detailed Leggings- zippers, buttons, leather stripe

6. Jersey Skirts -pencil or a-line

5. Cotton Deep V-Neck T-shirts with a Cami underneath

4. Long V-Neck Sweaters

3. Simple Dress with Colored Belt

2. Wedge Heel or a Detailed Pointed Flat

1. Open Back

Top 5 Clothing Essentials to Buy in 2011

Shopping and buying clothes can be sort of complicated. After all everyone loves a bargain. So when a certain $8 shirt from Forever21 is calling your name it’s one of those weaknesses that one just can’t ignore. However, those little $8 shirts add up, add up, and add up leaving a cotton shrinking mess of a wardrobe and a slightly worn ATM card as the only things to show for your not so fantastic deals.

Now don’t think I’m not encouraging you to going after a bargain, because there are most definitely times for bargains. And no white tee, tank, or cotton v-neck should ever be expensive, but if you are in your mid 20 somethings or early 30s let’s be honest it’s probably time to stop shopping like a teenager or (cough) 21 year old, hint the former brand name.

As a fellow mid 20s girl I know money isn’t always the cup that runneth over but more the last drink you’ve been saving for. So that is why I’m urging you ladies to save and invest throughout this next year. Before my money-minded husband or on the minuscule chance that Suze Orman runs across this blog and overflows with joy or gets too excited about that previous statement let me explain.

Game: You’ve got 12 months, 5 Investments, and X dollars.

Rules: Each investment must be one of the following: a great brand, tailored to your perfect fit, quality fabric, or you must absolutely love it and commit to wearing it!

Fashion Tip: They cannot be trendy or cheap pieces but classic ones that will go with the other cheap and trendy pieces in your closet! You will find affordable stylish clothes, but shop less often.

Result: 5 Items that will last you multiple years and can be worn for everyday real life events.

5 Clothing Investments for a Casual Girl

Jeans (Great Fit and Style)- Recommended Brands: J.Brand, 7 for All Mankind, Citizen of Humanity, Free People, Theory, Lucky, Buckle, William Rast. Check out TJ Maxx and Marshall’s for good deals on designer brands!

A Neutral Blazer, Jacket, or Cardigan- Recommended Brands: Modcloth, Rachel Roy (Macy’s), H&M, J.Crew, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor Loft, L.L Bean, and Lands End Canvas

Black, Brown, or Navy LBD (little black dress)- Recommended Brands: Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic, J.Crew, Topshop, BCBG, Calvin Klein, Rachel Roy, Modcloth, White House/Black Market, and Anthropologie

Flat or Heel- Recommended Brands: Steve Madden, Born, Michael Kors, Cole Haan, Tory Burch, Nine West, Stuart Weitzman, Antonio Melani, and Jessica Simpson

Sweatsuit (Neutral Color is a must!)- Recommended Brands: Columbia, Victoria Secret, Patagonia, Splendid Sweats, and Juicy Couture without the Juicy on the Butt

5 Clothing Items for a Working Girl

Day Dress- Recommended Brands: Free People, Theory, Modcloth, Topshop, H&M, Jessica Simpson, and Anthropologie

Pencil or A-line Skirt- Recommended Brands: Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic, J.Crew, Topshop, BCBG, Calvin Klein, Rachel Roy, Elizabeth and James, Alice & Olivia, White House/Black Market, and New York & Company

Suit (Trouser and Blazer in Grey, Brown, Camel, Navy, or Black)- Recommended Brands: H&M, J.Crew, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor Loft, New York & Company, Victoria Secret, Calvin Klein, and Ralph Lauren

Pump Heel- Recommended Brands:Antonio Melani, Stuart Weistman, Jessica Simpson, Nine West, and Steve Madden

White Button-Up or Blouse- Recommended Brands: Ralph Lauren, Tucker, Banana Republic, J.Crew, BCBG, Calvin Klein, Rachel Roy, Elizabeth and James, Alice & Olivia, and White House/Black Market

Style News You Missed: In case you have a life.

Crystal Renn Still Considered Plus Size?!

Crystal Renn poses for Jimmy Choo and Zac Posen.

I get it. Crystal Renn at one point in time was possibly “plus-size”, but media, model agencies, magazines, and yes even fashion bloggers have to stop calling her “plus size”! I’m sorry, but if she is plus-size than women in America are bound to get some sort of complex!

She looks great! Not overweight, not underweight just healthy. Only in the fashion industry is a healthy girl who is not a size 0 still considered plus-size. Is it the fear of normalcy and the forbidden averageness of a person? Clearly models who are a healthy size are… still models! Pretty face, great skin, perfect teeth, and the ability to pose without having one hand on their hip or looking shamelessly awkward. I mean have you seen some of our real Facebook photos, clearly there is a reason we all can’t be models.

Maybe the fashion industry should take a cue from the buzz this Jimmy Choo ad is getting and embrace models who are “normal or average size”.


There is something to be said about fashion trends. They can turn owls into the “it” animal, past decades into new style, and sadly Shape-Ups into a walking phenom. Though trends run the risk of creating looks like the 80s it’s something you can’t just follow but must choose wisely!

Fashion Trends to Catch:

70’s style trend- Bring back peasant blouses and wide leg jeans.

Pointy Heels- Forget the rounded toe, and look chic in a pointed heel!

Fledges- Also known as flat wedges. When elevating your height doesn’t mean elevating your foot. Check out these wedge shoes.

Color- Whether it’s color blocking on dresses or within your own wardrobe start bringing it back!

Pant Suits- A classic well-fitted pant suit. If your a working girl, work it. An invest must! However, keep it classic with classic colors there is no reason to go all Hilary Clinton on me!

Owls and Peacocks style trend- I can’t believe I’m saying it but these are the “it” animals. Don’t dress like one just wear the accessories.

Trends to Lose:

High Stillettos- Out and overrated. Keep a pair in the back of your closet. They’ll most certainly be back.

Turbans- Even Carrie Bradshaw had trouble pulling it off.

Shape-Ups- I just personally want them out.

Real Women for Real Fashion

Alright Ladies! Are you tired of on not being represented throughout the fashion and magazine industry, fed up on unrealistic expectations, and fashion tips that aren’t relatable or affordable?

Join Reality Chic’s Movement: Real Women for Real Fashion.

For a time when real women aren’t represented by a runway model, photo-shop, or self-esteem issues.

If you can relate to the statements below: Sign, RT, Share, or Tell a Friend!

Real Women for Real Fashion
By: Reality Chic

  • Real Women who don’t wear sparkle pants to Olive Garden.
  • Real Women who think J.Crew, Banana Republic, Gap, Ann Taylor, L.L Bean, and Lands End Canvas is “high-end”.
  • Real Women who wish our version of silk material wasn’t polyester and nylon.
  • Real Women whose right arm couldn’t fit into a size 0.
  • Real Women who want to see real women model clothes.
  • Real Women whose designer purchase involves a Coach purse on sale.
  • Real Women who want to afford a vacation and still look stylish.
  • Real Women who shop for deals at an outlet.
  • Real Women who post photos on Facebook and do it without retouching.
  • Real Women who want everyday fashion tips.
  • Real Women whose only formal occasions involve attending weddings.
  • Real Women who think Fuggs, Uggs, and Crocs are super ugly but super comfy so we will still wear them.
  • Real Women who are tired of unrealistic expectations expected of girls and women.
  • Real Women who think movie popcorn is so worth the extra calories.
  • Real Women whose fashion risk means wearing red lipstick not leopard pants.
  • Real Women who wonder why pleats and overalls came back before they ever left.
  • Real Women who think Barney’s is a purple dinosaur not a clothing store.

Go to Join Our Movement on the homepage and Add in Your Own Real Woman Statement Below!

I’ll Pass on American Apparel and Their Velvet Onesie Thong!

Wow! I didn’t think it could be done, but leave it to American Apparel to create one of the worst clothing items I’ve ever seen! Introducing the new:

Stretch Velvet Tank Thong

As if a velvet onesie wasn’t enough… apparently adding a thong made the garment.

Thought it’s no surprise that American Apparel would try to pull this kind of thing off. They’re often known for naughty and subjective ads that leave you wondering fashion brand or retro strip club? While they may have super comfy tees I’m going to take a giant leap and say that girls who buy super comfy tees don’t buy onsie thongs or attempt to act sexy while posing in one.

Hard to believe..right?

So while American Apparel is still deciding on how to fix financial woes or whether to be a soft porn site…

I’ll pass!

Needless to say…All sales are final.

A 20 Something Wedding Dress Style Guide

Shopping for wedding dresses is kind of like shopping for a husband. You’re not sure how many you’ll have to date before you find “the one”.

Shopping for “the dress” can be a bit confusing. After all, it’s not every day a girl purchases a wedding gown (we can’t all be the Kardashian’s). With many designs, multiple styles, and no clue of what to expect here is a guide for the first time bride!

A 20 Something Style Guide for Finding Your Wedding Dress

Do Your Homework.

Dress shopping online before going to the store is very important. Figure out what you like based on your personality. Ask yourself these simple questions: Am I conservative? Am I traditional? Do I want to look sexy? Do I want to look like a princess? Am I edgy? 

Be Open.

Because it’s not every day that a girl goes bridal shopping, be open to trying on a couple different shapes/styles. Plus it will please your wedding posse that tagged along!

Friend or Foe? 

Deciding which people to bring while shopping for “the dress” is pretty important. Big groups bring big opinions, so choose wisely. Of course, honesty is key but being rude can ruin the experience. Choose friends and family who will help make your choice easier and at the end of day, will respect your decision.

Have a Budget

Tell your consultant the price range, but be clear that trying on dresses from all points below the top price is a must. There is nothing worse than falling in love with a dress that you can’t afford or having guilt after buying.

Think About Your Style

Whether you like it or not the wedding dress will end up representing your personal style! Every day you get dress in an outfit based on your personality. Why would your wedding dress be any different? Why would you want your wedding dress to be any different? Ask yourself these questions:  Are you a girly girl? Do you like something unique? Is Audrey Hepburn your style icon? Do you lean toward the simpler things? Each of these questions helps in determining your dress style.

Girly girl? It’s likely your dress will resemble that of a princess. Unique? Go for something non-traditional, maybe with a splash of color, sheath, or corset. Audrey Hepburn-esque? Look for something elegant, lace, but nothing too bulky. Simple? Try on an a-line shape detailed with buttons, ruching, or ribbons. Lose the beading.

Bring a Photo

If you have an idea in mind, bring a photo to show your consultant. This will help her choose a dress that better fits you, not her.

Ivory or 10 Variations of White

The typical white as a wedding dress color has changed from back in the day. However, I highly suggest trying on both white and ivory! Depending on your skin tone, one might compliment you slightly better than the other. Note:  Most dresses can be ordered in both, but be sure to ask your consultant.

Know Your Body Type

A-line, Ball-Gown, Fit and Flare, Mermaid, and Sheath are the common styles of bridal gowns. Take a look at the dresses you currently wear and pick out the things you like and don’t like about them. Then apply these same rules to your wedding gown. There are all sorts of tricks of the trade to pulling off your best wedding day look.

No Bust?

Don’t worry about it! You can either build in a bra or look for ways to add a little something extra. Pay attention to dresses with a detailed bust line or ruffle. Still not loving it? No worries. There is always alterations.

Headpieces, Veils, and Accessories

My advice to you is to NOT buy a veil, headpiece, or jewelry on the day you purchase your wedding dress. These pieces are extremely overpriced at a majority of bridal stores. There are plenty of other more affordable options such as looking for locals who make these items, internet retailers, department stores, or previous brides. I found my veil for $40 online when it was marked for $300 in the store. Need I say more?